The Market Share of Kingfisher’s Packaged Consuming Water in a Number Areas of Delhi

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Iceberg Foods Ltd. is sixteen years historical agency in the industry and they are one of the main agency having all rights for manufacturing & packaged Drinking water with a brand name “Kingfisher” trademark owned by famous “UB”group & “RC Cola” trademark owned through “Royal Crown Cola” which 1/3 greatest selling tender drink brand in the world with a presence in almost all the nations of the world. They are one of those few brands that have received ISI certification and are dedicated to furnish pure and hygienic water. Their packaged consuming water is manufactured under perfect hygienic prerequisites as per ISI Standards and they have been consistent in presenting Quality product to all the customers.We have one of the best distribution infrastructures in the commercial enterprise to provide well timed services to all our vendors. Their product comes in a wide range of applications like 200ml, 250ml, 500 ml, 1ltr, 2 ltr, 5 liters, 20 liters & 1liters Soda.

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Their packaged drinking water is bottled in thoroughly automatic plant with reverse osmosis & extremely filtration process. Along with ultra-modern pesticides removal system via activated carbon filtration technique as per BIS norms.They system water with the most modern, high tech equipment sodium filtration ensuing in no longer solely healthful however also sweeter packaged drinking water. Their packaged consuming water is manufactured below a very strict in-house excellent control system, making sure that what we drink is what nature intended.

United Breweries Group (UB GROUP)

United Breweries Group, primarily based in Bangalore, is the world’s 2nd greatest brewer and the largest in India. The organisation markets most of its beer underneath the Kingfisher company and has also launched Kingfisher Premium Packaged Drinking Water & soda, in India. The group is headed with the aid of Dr. Vijay Maliya who is also a member of the Indian Parliament. United Breweries now has a near-monopoly over the Indian brewing market, thanks to its latest takeover of the rival Shaw-Wallace company. The crew owns the Mendocino Brewing Company in the United States and the team now is eying to show its mere presence in packaged Drinking Water as well.


The crew Mission Statement embodies these objectives:

  • To investigate the company’s photo in view of retails, booking counter agent, and consumer.
  • To listing competitors operating in the market.
  • To be the preferred agency at any place we operate
  • To apprehend the value of our human assets.
  • To be the companion of preference for customers, suppliers.
  • To greater information about competing company’s overall performance and marketing Efforts in Delhi city.
  • Make advice about advertising efforts for merchandising income Kingfisher Packaged consuming water & soda in retail & bulk segment in Delhi city.

About Kingfisher

“The King of Good Times” is India’s best-selling beer, and from Mumbai to Delhi, the locals guzzle through hundreds and thousands of bottles annually. But even though the brand instructions up to 29% of its home market, except you’ve visited India or are a part-time connoisseur of curries, you can also no longer have diagnosed Kingfisher’s features as the ideal accompaniment to a hen Vindaloo. The Beer brands manufactured and marketed by way of United Breweries Ltd. have always been identified for their international quality. That’s Beer at its excellent for the discerning consumer!

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