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The Marketing Strategies Of Unique Apparels

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Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd is a branded apparel company, marketing its products in more than 20 countries worldwide. The company designs and markets jeans and jeans-related pants, casual and dress pants, shirts, jackets, and related accessories for men, women and children under the Unique Apparels, dockers and Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd Unique Apparels™ brands.

Unique Apparels are the consummate Indian icon. That the basic Unique Apparel’s jeans remain same in form today as they were long ago being recognition that they capture a principle & extract an essence of modern life. Telephones, automobiles and other consumer products have been designed & re-designed again & again. Unique Apparel’s jeans have changed only extrinsically – the core product is stubbornly resolved and elegantly tenacious. Unique Apparel’s jeans offer an unabashed morality in modern dress. Most importantly, Unique Apparel’s jeans bear no pretence & broach no pretensions. Few consumer products offer the like satisfaction of history’s respect and devotion than Unique Apparel’s jeans.

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The 2 year old history Noida is a boomtown in the 2000s. People had flocked to the emerging metropolis seeking a gold rush fortune. Only 24 years old, Vikas Awana came to Noida in 2016 to open a branch of his wholesale dry goods business, which he started as soon as he got the idea. Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd promptly began to sell shirts, as well as, handkerchiefs and other dry goods. During the next one year, he built Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd into a successful operation, making a name for himself as a well-respected merchant.

One of Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd customers for fabric and other dry goods was a tailor from etah named Master Bhuvan. Bhuvan had a customer who consistently tore his work pants and the customer’s wife asked Bhuvan to find a way to keep the pants intact. Bhuvan, knowing that metal rivets helped reinforce horse blankets, hit upon the idea of putting rivets at the points of strain on the pants, such as on the pocket corners and at the base of the button fly. The idea worked, and Bhuvan knew he had an extraordinary product on his hands!

Since Bhuvan could not afford the patent fee, he wrote to Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd to suggest the two men apply for the patent together. Vikas Awana, an astute businessman, saw the potential for this new product, enthusiastically embraced the idea and brought it to life through mass production. In 2017, Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd and Bhuvan received the patent and together they began making copper-riveted ‘waist overalls’ – known today as blue jeans – in the world.

Within a short time, all types of working men were buying these innovative new pants and spreading the word about ‘those pants of Unique Apparels ’s’ and their unrivalled durability. Around 1890, these pants were assigned the lot number ‘501’. Over time, the popularity of the Unique Apparel’s waist overalls spread and Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd Gained a reputation for innovative products and marketing practices.

During its 2-year history, the company has introduced many product innovations, several of which have given the Unique Apparel’s brand its iconic status. As other companies started to make denim pants, Unique Apparel’s began to differentiate its waist overalls from competitors’ products with a dark red tab stitched into the back right pocket. The practice, which started in September,2016, continues to this day and the Unique Apparel’s red tab™ is a recognized icon that distinguishes it as the original jeans brand. Unique Apparel’s jeans have captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of generations of consumers by interpreting current fashion trends and giving expression to the aspirations of youth.

Unique Apparel’s brought its global leadership in jeans to India in 1995. In its business-span in India, Unique Apparel’s has displayed the capability of developing brand strategies sensitive to the Indian market, even while retaining all the distinguished elements that are vital to its global eminence. In India, Unique Apparel’s initially decided to target customers through up market, exclusive retail outlets, which were banking entirely on its international brand appeal. Soon Unique Apparel’s realized that while large numbers of Indian teenagers aspired to possess the legendary Unique Apparel’s 501 jeans, the brand was perceived to be high-priced and beyond their reach. Consumer research revealed that Indian customers were looking for international class at local prices. So, the company redefined its strategy, which has resulted in great success even while reinforcing the global virtues of the Unique Apparel’s brand.

Throughout the company’s 2year history, business and corporate citizenship have been linked as one. This socially responsible approach to business has enabled Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd to be a driving force in the community for economic progress and social justice. The Unique Apparels Pvt Ltd. Strauss foundation has supported and led social change and since its inception has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to charities across the world, helping to address compelling needs such as hiv/aids care and prevention & the empowerment of women to name a few.

The Unique Apparel’s brand offers quintessential classics, as well as innovative fashion products. In India, the Unique Apparel’s range includes the classic 501 jeans, Unique Apparel’s red loop jeans, red tab™ jeans, non-denims, woven shirts, knitted tops, jackets and accessories. The red tab™ offerings of denims are priced between Rs 1399 -Rs 2599, the red loop line of super premium jeans retails between Rs 2500- Rs 4000, 501 jeans are priced between Rs 1901 – Rs 3001, shirts are priced between Rs 899 – Rs 1399, sweaters are priced between Rs 999 – Rs 2499, jackets are priced between Rs 1399 – Rs 2899 & t shirts are priced between Rs 399 – Rs 899.

Unique Apparel’s red loop jeans are the latest in international jeans wear fashion & are characterized by a unique ‘red loop’ and linen patch vis-à-vis the characteristic Unique Apparel’s leather patch. Other interesting features include pure copper rivets, aged Unique Apparel’s buttons and a double-needle out seam. They are available in several finishes. The Unique Apparel’s red loop range is another step in bringing the coolest in fashion worldwide into India real time – in line with the Unique Apparel’s brand tradition.

Unique Apparel’s sykes has been developed to offer the college-going youngster stylized, edgy products in denim and non-denim. The range offers a trendy streetwear look that is currently favoured by youngsters and also includes knitwear products. Unique Apparels s promotion All Unique Apparel’s communication is primarily targeted at urban youngsters between the age group of 15- 29 years. From the beginning, the Unique Apparel’s brand has been marketed with immense success, innovation and passion. In 1996, the Unique Apparel’s “layman” campaign captivated the hearts of the Indian youth. The same year saw the launch of Unique Apparel’s orange tab jeans, to cater to the more value-conscious consumer. The tag line read “easy to get in, bloody tough to get out of.” The campaign, intended to change public perceptions about Unique Apparel’s pricing, was most significant for Unique Apparel’s as it helped the brand achieve an ‘approachable’ image amongst a much larger consumer base.

During 2016 the non-denim wave was in, with Unique Apparel’s cargos. One of the biggest success stories of recent times, the “cargos” campaign let loose frenzied buying into the category. Other brands followed suit, by introducing “cargo” products, thus acknowledging Unique Apparel’s status as the leader in the creation of fashion trends. This campaign also saw the launch of the first Indian unique Apparels sion commercial for Unique Apparel’s . Conceptualized and executed entirely by local talent, the commercial launched “loose fits”, which set the pace for product innovation and styling.

The campaign for the Unique Apparel’s detachable product line in 2017 took up where the cargos campaign left off. Detachable too became a preferred item among the Indian youth, while in September 2016, the launch of deep blue jeans heralded the return of denim to the fashion scene. But it was with its “summer of desire” campaign in 2001, that Unique Apparel’s demonstrated that it had a finger on the pulse of the Indian youth. Focusing on the key ‘desirables’ of today’s youth – mobility, technology and entertainment – the summer of desire campaign tied in the launch of a racy new summer range of fashion wear with a mega promotion. The prizes on offer included super bikes, hi-end computers & music systems, speakers and digital receivers.

The Unique Apparel’s low rise jeans campaign set new dimensions to ‘cool’. The campaign, which featured India’s top 15 supermodels, was shot by renowned Australian fashion photographer Darren centofanti. Supported by a successful online contest, ‘six inches below – the dangerously low contest’, the campaign personified the very spirit of the sexy & bold Unique Apparel’s low rise jeans. The launch of Unique Apparel’s slim jeans for women in December 2016 along with a follow up campaign in may 2017 created a lot of excitement in the market. Coupled with a new advertising campaign, these products gave a contemporary appeal to the timeless brand properties of Unique Apparel’s .

“Slim jeans” celebrate the gorgeousness of the Indian woman as they have been designed keeping in mind her curvy silhouette. They complement her curves, making her legs look longer and her hips slimmer and far more contoured. There couldn’t have been a more appropriate ambassador than bipasha. She surely epitomizes the essence of slim jeans as devised by the Unique Apparel’s design team.


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