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You might already be familiar with a poignant novel written by Andy Weir. As this great book has been first published in the author's blog, many college students have already ... been familiar with his unique style that has been turned into a true survival thriller that is hard to compare to any book published before. Still, composing your The Martian essay isn’t as easy as it may seem! Focus on talking about the setting that is mentioned in the book and the main issues that are being brought up like friendship, survival, and the morals of a living being. Remember to put your quotes according to your essay style format. See our free samples on The Martian that will help you to get into a creative mood and start writing.

Andy Weir

Original language



United States


Science fiction

Publication date

2011 (self-published); February 2014 (Crown)

Major Characters

Mark Watney, Melissa Lewis, Rick Martinez, Beth Johanssen, Alex Vogel, Dr. Chris Beck, Venkat Kapoor, Mitch Henderson, Bruce Ng, Teddy Sanders, Annie Montrose, Mindy Park, Rich Purnell


The Martian is the story of an astronaut who is accidentally left behind on Mars and must struggle to survive.

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