The Meaning and Effects of Global Warming

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Everyday somewhere in the world a mother gives birth to an infant, which she promises to always be there to keep safe. Although people try their best to do what they can in other for their love one to have a better future but now a day that seems like an achievement that might not be able to achieve due to certain anomalies like global warming. Over the past years due to human footprint earth has be warming at an alarming rate. As society advance technologically and create new ways to make our lives easier so does the impact that we leave behind on the planet. Everything we do from our big diesel cars to mega boat is contributing to the destruction to out planted and its wild life. The sad part is that most of us know the impact that we have on the planet but we often choose to ignore the signs for our own selfishness, just like the narrator from the novel “Mother Night” who knew the job the he was doing was affecting lives around him, but ignore those indicators that he was causing harms to those around him.

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Earth is a planet that gives a balance that is conducive to life. It is neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. It is the only place where living things can do well do to the presence of factors that supports life. This is not the case with other planets like the Jupiter and Venus, to mention but a few. On the same note, other things support life in the earth like the air-water, and more so the space that surface provides. Many pollutants are affecting this planet today. Many pollutants are a result of man’s activities. The novel of mother night cautions the readers of questioning their morals. Thus man should examine his actions that lead to global warming.

The global warming affects man negatively and yet is the cause of his activities. As man carries day to day activities like farming and industrialization, there has been a lot of pollution to the atmosphere products. These pollutants come from the industries and other businesses that man engages in, such as the burning of waste products. Nowadays, man uses chemicals for farming. These are the kind of fertilizers and the sprays that are used to spray the crops and plants. These insecticides pollute the air in a significant way. More so, the fertilizers end up polluting the soil ending up killing the microorganisms. These activities have all caused the equilibrium to shift. Worthy mentioning is that the degree of temperatures is increasing significantly. These temperatures have made the world not conducive for man and animals alike. The society is more concerned about material possession than well-being of others.

Biologically, human beings and animals adapt slowly to the surrounding changes. It means that the sudden change of atmosphere might be very harmful to them and other microorganisms that live on the earth. Some changes are natural and uncontrollable. These are the like of tsunami and the earthquake. But the good thing about global warming is that it is controllable. The global warming comes as a result of man activities. If these activities are well managed, then they can be put under control, and thus there will be nothing like global warming. If a man uses no harmful chemicals in agriculture, then there should better preferable methods that affect the atmosphere negatively. Industries must also look for ways that they can dispose waste products without affecting the environment.

Another way that man pollutes his environment is by burning harmful substances that saturate the air with sulfur and carbon dioxide. These chemicals are dangerous to the health of man and the animals. The rate at which the temperatures are increasing in the world today is alarming. Many environmental agencies are working out to find solutions to global warming today .just as Kurt states that we are what we pretend to be, and so we should be careful of what we pretend to be. Thus if a man pretends to be right then, he is right. Thus the actions thereby should promote the goodness and the wellbeing of our environment.

A survey that was conducted showed that everyone knows about global warming and its impacts thereof. Many accepted the occurrence of an increase in heat in their cities. Many people did agree that due to population increase and the aspect of globalization, there have a risen a lot of things that the environment may not be able to assimilate. When they were asked about the causes of global warming, they admitted that the smoke that is emitted from the industries is the leading cause of global warming. None denied that global warming results from man’s activities.

Scientifically speaking, we can say that the pollutants that get into the air form a layer in the atmosphere. This layer is what prevents the heat reflected the earth to return into space. When the temperature doesn't respond, then it is trapped between the planet and the gas surface. This consequently heats the ground more than it should. The gasses do dissipate, and thus, they can’t fill the earth. So we can't conclude that gasses cause global warming. Therefore the exhausts that are automobiles can be said to be the leading causes of global warming. The survey showed that people are now more conscious of the issue of the environment and global warming.

However, most people, especially young people, are conscious of their environment, but they are not so willing to attend the survey about global warming. According to Vonnegut, we are all agents of what is happening around us and we communicate to the world by our deeds. This is an indication of how people know that things are not right, but they don't want to take the initiative of streamlining them. Incredibly, many people of the world have an idea of what is global warming, its negative effect, causes, and preventive measures. The problem lies in the fact that some people don't want to become agents of change and make the atmosphere conducive for all living things. People are this careless because they think that by the time the problems of global warming become more severe, then they will not be around to witness the issues that will come out of it. Most take it a story that will take place many centuries to come. They don't know that the effects of global warming are with us in the present times.

When you visit a greenhouse, you will realize it always has an atmosphere that is full of warmth, even in winter. The reason is that it is designed to conserve heat to provide a suitable atmosphere for the plants to thrive. This is the same way that global warming occurs when too much light is trapped in the atmosphere. The earth rotates around the sun naturally. It happens as the earth revolves around the sun, depending on the intensity of which the sun heats the surface. Natural phenomena like volcanic eruptions and the geothermal sites also do cause the greenhouse effect. They produce sulfur dioxide, which leads to the trapping of the radiation coming from the sun. The weather patterns over the globe are unpredictable. The temperatures and rains have risen in a big way. These have resulted in floods, drought, and hurricanes that are being experienced in various regions of the world. These conditions have brought about natural disasters that result in a massive loss of life

The effects of global warming are no longer a story; they are results that can be found in the world today. We must focus on some of the impacts of global warming in this discussion. Firstly, global warming has a significant effect on the weather conditions that leads to massive loss of life. Even the animals have suffered a lot because of changes in weather conditions. Secondly, animal extinction has become another problem. Animals are always moving towards the North Pole and the South Pole. There are those animals that cannot survive the climatic changes, and thus the have become extinct. More so, the increased in temperatures has led to the increase in wildfires and drought. The fire has led to the death of many wild animals, thus affecting tourism sectors.

Diseases have also emerged as a result of global warming. The respiratory diseases have arisen because the air we breathe is no longer the same as it was before. The sky has been polluted because of the carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere that pollutes it. These gasses affect the respiratory system of human beings, causing severe diseases. In today’s society, you will hear of occurrences of illnesses that were not there in earlier days. The situation is becoming worse because many new diseases are emerging every time. For instance, diseases like cancer are increasingly affecting many people. The kind of air we are breathing is contaminated; again, the sort of heat and warmth we encounter today is causing a lot of harm to the body and the eyes. Moral behaviors done by man bring global warming, and the same man is facing the consequences. These moral behaviors are what Vonnegut cautions people a bout.

More so, the snow cover keeps on decreasing due to the cause of global warming. As a result, the water bodies and atmospheric pressure and the earth's surface are gaining increases every day. This is all negative regarding the atmosphere that man should live in. All these effects show that global warming should be taken with a lot of seriousness. Everyone should be taught what to do to ply the part of ensuring that global warming can be prevented. Many problems will have been sorted in the world today if human beings will take charge of their activities. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. If the problem of global warming could be prevented, then many catastrophes will have been stopped. Indeed the world would have become a better place for plants, animals, and human beings.

There are possible solutions that can help in reversing the effects of global warming. The greatest thing to note is that the issue of global warming cannot be solved by one person alone. As the word globe suggests, it is a problem for the whole world. Thus not specific people will fight with this epidemic. Every human being is required to be at the forefront of solving this issue. One great way is by reducing the power we consume by flying less; we use the refrigerators that cause minimal pollution. If every person is looking for the refrigerators that cause less pollutant, then it will be a step of reducing global warming.

Another way is by stopping deforestation. The cutting down of trees without purpose and clearing forest is a big issue that has degraded the environment today. This has led to the change in weather patterns leading to severe problems affecting the climate. There should be aware of where people should be taught how to take care of the forests for the benefit of humankind. More so, Carbon emission should be reduced. The industries that emit carbon into the atmosphere should look for ways to dispose of the coal without having to expose it to the atmosphere. This way, the air will be free from pollution, and thus there will be no cause of alarm on the health issues resulting from global warming.

Moreover, knowledge should be spread everywhere about the conservation of the environment and focusing on making the earth clean for better health. If people are aware of the problems they get into by polluting the environment, then they will be more careful about the things they emit to the surrounding. When the men turn away from rebelling against nature, then the world will become a better and safer place to live in. This is according to the novel,' Mother Might.' Recycling can also be an excellent way of ensuring that the environment is clean. Instead of throwing used products in the background, recycling them is a great idea. Many people find themselves dumping waste products into the atmosphere, thus ending up polluting the situation the more. Last but not least, there should be employment of geoengineering technology.

If all these prevention measures are well utilized, then the problem of global warming will be sorted. Many epidemics that we face in the world today will be sorted, and life will be more enjoyable. It is easier to control global warming rather than waiting until the problem becomes more serious, causing severe damage. Every person knows that global warming has got dire consequences, and thus, it should be dealt with a lot of seriousness. Just like we discussed earlier, global warming can be controlled. It comes as a result of man’s activities. Man can manage his businesses for the advantages of his personal and other living organisms.

In summary, it as bright as broad daylight that global warming is a big issue that has affected the world today. Many organizations have come up to look for ways to prevent global warming, including creating awareness for all people of the world to take part in the fight for a clean environment. Worth noting is that global warming comes as a result of man’s activities. Just as the novel “Mother Night “narrates about moral confusion, it is the way that man and his activities has brought confusion to the environment today. The actions of man have degraded the environment, and thus the same man should take responsibility for his action. Many replications come with global warming. Many diseases today have evolved as a result of global warming. Bush fires and catastrophes like floods are also a result of the same. Each person should be aware of the problems affecting our environment. Rich and the poor alike must unite in controlling global warming. Until the time, people will realize the benefits of taking care of the atmosphere around us, and then the problem of global warming will continue to be a problem. Therefore the environment reflects us because we are what we pretend to be and we should be careful of what we pretend to be.

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