The Meaning and Features of Microsoft Word

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Have you thought of digitizing your documents and also to conveniently access or share them at the click of a button? Would you like to ease access and deliberation of documents with your team regardless of any geographical limitations? Or you could just be sick of the exhausting process of manually sorting and locating documents from your filing cabinets. In this instance document management software such as Microsoft Word is exactly what you need.

In every organization’s endeavour to grow and fully optimize their cash flow and various resources such as the office space, having a paperless document management system is their ultimate solution. This will ensure all their important documents are easily accessible in time of need for reference purposes or otherwise.

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Of fundamental importance is the security of such files and documents. Organisations therefore opt to use a document management software which is Cost-effective yet has the mandate to ensure their safety.

By deploying a document management software you are set to benefit from all the requisite tasks necessary to ensure any particular document is impressively presented either for personal use or to your clients. This also saves organizations immensely in manual document management and in storage spaces. If you’re looking at a document management software that is user-friendly and also accessible, either online or offline then you have got exactly what you need with Microsoft Word.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is on top of its league in popularity and highest ranking in commercial standards. It’s the most extensively used software all over the globe in regards to processing data. It’s completely furnished and properly integrated to function smoothly with most application platforms be it, offline or online based. Being predominantly utilized document processing software across the many commercial and individual environments, majority of its splendid features come free-of-charge, thus enabling the users to fully utilize its core features to the maximum.

When it comes to using Microsoft Word it is effortless and self-explanatory. You actually don’t need technical knowledge as all its features are pretty easy to work around and its functionality is seamless. The software targets all and sundry in document management concerns. It efficiently eases this process across all faculties, including businesses, schools, hospitals, legal firms or companies’ employees.

Microsoft Word has features that can be used widely by most people within an organization. Additionally, Microsoft Word is excellently crafted to be privately utilized. It also offers each user supreme control over all the features including the ability to open, generate data or opt to edit, convert, view, share or encode the document just as they may wish.

Once you have created or opened your documents in Microsoft Word, you could save them and latter convey them in different formats. All these can be achieved without compromising on the quality of these documents or losing any data thereof. When it comes to the variety of document formats you will certainly be spoilt for choice. These formats include DOCX, DOC, RTF, XML, PDF, HTML, plain text among other formats.

There are loads of remarkable features availed in Microsoft Word that positions it as the best document management software. It operates smoothly offline with no flaws. The software also does editing and proofreading tools that help in changing the original language and any other grammatical error that may be in your document. With this feature activated you certainly do not need to stay put with the default language but are at liberty to pick the language of your choice. All this you can achieve while you are offline.

Moreover, Microsoft Word operates efficiently with shared components specified for members in a team environment to exchange ideas and work in a similar document. This platform helps teams to co-operate amongst bosses, clients, employees and co-workers. This co-operation can still happen either within the same organization or in completely different setting that access permissions might have been granted to the specific documents.

Last but not least, Microsoft Word is proficient on every brand of desktop or laptop computers available in the market. All versions of Windows are well compatible with the most computer operating systems, making it convenient for any client to download and install on any device. Available as well is a genre of Microsoft Word that works swiftly with cell phones. The mobile phone users can synchronize their computers such that, they can access and work on their documents at any given time regardless of their location or gadget. Recently, Microsoft Word got an incredible update that permits users to switch to night modes whether, setting that they can make whether online or offline.

Benefits for using Microsoft Word

• Mobile App Integration

Having to access to Microsoft Word software on the computers alone would be limiting but with the mobile app integration you stand to enjoy its awesome benefits in totality. The cell phone app is similar to the main software including templates that you could customize to your own liking.

Whether you want to edit an already existing document or create a completely new one, you can do this on the go, because you can easily employ all the tools that you may need just as you would do on the software version on your laptop and desktop computers. You would also sync all the documents you might have worked on for ease of access from any of your other devices.

• File Security

Microsoft Word gives you the option to securely lock up your files with a password. This ensures no one else but you have access to the said document whether online or offline.

This software ensures that once you’ve had your files encrypted even though you latter choose to convert them into any other format they still retain this security feature. This guarantees that the privacy of your data wouldn’t be compromised at all.

• Free PDF Editing

The complete support by Microsoft Word to documents in PDF format, to edit and save them in the same or other format of choice by just but a single button push, is certainly worthwhile.

There are no limitations when it comes to editing the PDF file format Using Microsoft Word. You certainly have full control in customizing your files to your contentment and you can accomplish this whether you are online or offline. You can insert tables, add or remove columns and rows or any other information to the Pdf file you would be working on.

• Advanced Proofreading and Editing Tools

When you use Microsoft Word to write down your documents you have total control in picking your language of choice with no interruptions. You will however get automatic detection for all your misspellings. Similarly you’re offered options ensuring your document is grammatically correct and error free.

Microsoft word will as well provide you with tips while you’re writing to help you refine your writing prowess without impinging on your document at all.

• Simple Document Modification

For superb easy to read yet brilliant documents Microsoft Word gives you all the tools to accomplish this either for your personal use or to ultimately share with your clients. Your ability to optimize the formatting tools and come out with an excellent document is not at all be affected by your geographical location. You could be in the office, at home or literally on the move.

You have no limitations whatsoever when it comes the number of times you choose to modify your document with Microsoft Word. You can also choose to put photos, headers and footers, tables, hyperlinks and many other tools you might deem necessary to perfect your document.

• Team Collaboration

Team members have the liberty of utilizing Microsoft word in management of all their documents. They can edit or make a comment on any of the documents within the platform. This facilitates ease while ideas are being exchanged in regard to a specific document either amongst team members in the same department or across different departments in the organization.

This immensely benefits each user as it’s very easy for members within a team to be co-authors in a document and easily deliberate on their differing opinions. Recently Microsoft Word has a new feature that gives users integration with Skype. This makes it so much easier while deliberating on documents within the software allowing all members a chance to be heard.

Features of Microsoft Word

• Content Search

The Content Search feature within the Microsoft Word document affords the users to accurately query for various topics and get results on similar subjects. The feature is particularly very instrumental for precise querying within or for formal documents like general articles, academic essays and projects or theses as well as any kind of proposals.

The Content Search feature within the Microsoft Word is referred to as the Researcher. This is because more than just searching for interrelated subjects with incredible results, it is nonetheless effective in bring forth an in-depth search results on various topics including on video files, graphical information or primary data material that could sought for by the users.

• Add Citation

Add Citation is an incredible tool within the Microsoft Word. In fact, it seamlessly works well with the aforementioned feature, Content Search. Essentially, Add Citation affords the users the choice of inserting different and unlimited references in their papers whenever they source secondary information from the internet. Therefore, with this ability, Add Citation helps users to be able to substantiate the very source of their secondary information, and avoid the risk of plagiarism.

• Mail Merge

The Mail Merge feature, being the latest update within the Microsoft Word solution, is a comprehensive tool. It is particularly instrumental when the users need to assemble a cluster of documents, and subsequently send them out in a single email.

The very important aspects of the Mail Merge is its ability to build numerous stickers, mails, identifiers or wrappings that would require the retention of the font-size flair. Additionally, Mail Merge feature also ensure the documents like with photographic configuration and blueprint can still retain the custom-made settings for individual addressees, bearing different designation, location and acknowledgement.

Mail Merge is perfect whenever the users require mailing out or printing our print out cluster of documents. In the circumstances where the user needs Microsoft Word to email out documents, the Mail Merge assembles such documents and matches them with their respective addressees, with the easy of extracting such information retained on the list, worksheet or data archive.

• Skype Integration

The Skype Integration feature was just recently updated on the Microsoft Word platform, and effectively integrates with the video communication App called Skype. In this case, the Skype Integration solution helps users efficiently collaborate convey their ideas while they video chat.

With great success, this feature enables users to frequently connect and make video calls with their associates through the Microsoft Word Online. At the same time, the associates can still access the same document availed, which any of the group members can easily modify and make the necessary changes on the go.

• Customized Workspace

This tool grants users the unrestricted access to utilize all the features of Microsoft Word, hence enabling them to tailor certain settings of the Microsoft Word to serve their requirements.

In other words, Customised Workspace affords the users the ability to modify and custom-make the structural organization of the software. This kind of modification can easily be rolled back to their original setting. Additionally, even after the previous modifications, the Customised Workspace ensures that the original format of the documents is forever retained each time.

• Templates

There is surplus of ready-made Templates inbuilt within Microsoft Word software. As such, users can effortlessly modify these templates to any tailor-make them to their specific needs. The ability to customize these templates ensures that the users can end up with desirable designs for their specific like articles, assignments, and letters as well as project proposals.

Alternatively, Microsoft Word allows the users to insert their own particular templates into the document they might be working on, with successful integration.

To this end, it is observed that Microsoft Word is embedded with abundant and satisfactory document management features to perfectly serve the requirements of the users. It is worth noting that, the software is less cumbersome and requires limited technical proficiency for the users to use and benefit from its core features aforementioned.

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