The Meaning of Adoption and How It Works

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   I will not leave you as an orphan i will come to you. (John 14:18). When childs are adopted they are no longer an orphan or a statistic. They will now be sons and daughters, and they will actually have a family to come too, and people that can show them love.

Have you ever thought about adoption and how it works? If so, consider being a foster parent for these children all around the world that need a home. There are over millions of kids in orphans right now needing a home, I would like to be one of those parents that adopts a child in need just so it can have the life it would want to have. I would like for these kids to feel like they have a home and they feel loved. Caroline Hilbbard once said, “ My hope for both of my children is that they will grow up feeling whole, and they will be able to find answers to all their hard questions.”

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Adoptions are not to cheap.. They amount of money you have budgeted for adoption could determine which method of adopting you choose. Each adoption has its own like little method to adopting a child. You can adopt all around the world too, and i bet the cost everywhere will be different, it not all the same amount of money you will be paying. Like Lita Jordan said, “ The cost of adoption in Africa will vary based on the circumstance surrounding the adoption process and the country from which you are adopting. Not every country is the same amount of cost. Some cost might be a little bit higher than others based on the amount of support and counseling offered to both adoptive families and the birth parents.

Seeing a child happy is such a beautiful feeling no matter if they are your kids or not. An adopted child can feel like if its your own, they will be raised the same as if you had them. Never let an orphan baby feel less than you own kids. They should all be equal no matter what the situation is or where they came from. Happiness is also affected by them, by their nature i guess i would call it. Some kids are just basically happy for actually having a home and being loved on, and just being super healthy, sometimes being in an orphan is tough or even getting adopted. Some kids can just be terrified to where they are going or what they are about to be facing. There was this article i read by Mitchell Northan, “All of them struggle with “ Who am I? “ because they were uprooted. I think when siblings can be placed together, some of that gets answered.” When all siblings are together i mean it’s just better because they actually have someone that has the same DNA as them, and it’s a wonderful feeling seeing them grow together.

When a child is adopted they are no longer living the life under an orphan, giving a child a better life and a life they deserve is well needed. Especially in our society today, also understand that aopting is not cheap and easy at all, but a child deserves happiness.

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