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The Meaning of Monitoring and Evaluation in Developing Countries

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The following assessment will analyze the meaning of monitoring and evaluation in developing countries and further explain the framework, purpose and challenges faced by both government officials and the society and a possible solution for socio economic issues. Kusek et al states that developing states have to maintain a good governance through monitoring and evaluating the socio economic issues that are faced by developing countries for instance states are challenged by the rising demand of global economy, new information technology and democracy (Kusek and Rist 2004:1).


Monitoring and evaluation component seeks to explain four major tasks in management, planning, controlling, leading and organizing. Monitoring refers to the implementation of activities that will assist in achieving planned and organized goals. There are various types of monitoring in developing states namely input-related monitoring (‘focuses on the utilization of resources to ensure optimal levels of production’ (lee 2014:88)) and output-related monitoring (‘it appears after the goal has being achieved, it inspects quality, quantity and spread of service delivery.

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Evaluating on the other hand appears at the end of the project, that is when the project is inspected or determined and its outcomes. In this case managers are checking whether the project is for own benefit or public benefit, nature of the project and its influence to the society and the state especially in local communities of developing countries


M&E in developing countries is vested in management in the government to reach a beneficiary goal for all the people who live in the society. It takes place mainly in Non-Governmental organizations (NGO’s). The aims of M&E are to achieve activities that will accelerate development for us and future generations. M&E system also makes sure that the resources are not used incorrectly for the future. “ In fact, like all numerical data of this kind, the ultimate purpose of the M&E exercise is to provide useful information to decision makers” Kozma & Wagner (1997). M&E make management easier because it provides them with a training on how to manage their workers and the community.


M&E contributes to good governance because and improves levels of Public Service by ‘demonstrating firstly transparency; all findings in M&E processes should publicly available, secondly accountability; the utilisation of resources by public officials should be open to public observation, thirdly participation; the voice of the historically disadvantaged should be heard, and lastly inclusion previously rejected interest groups should be represented in M&E process’ Van Dijk Ile (2014:180-181).


Management in developing states is weak because transparency and accountability is rejected by the government officials. Some of the challenges amongst others are: lack of training for both producers and users of M&E if a person is not well qualified for their position they will not master it. Developing countries have a high rate of unemployment, poverty, violence and crime. The M&E is there come out with possible solutions that will develop socio-economic.


One of the fundamental strategy to improve impact is to be clear about the impact that you are trying to improve. Trying to understand how you want to measure and monitor that impact and then use a data and information to manage your business better and inform the way that we make decisions. Improving M&E is not simple but how you come up with a strategy that will make M&E more effective. Adapting a quality-improvement strategy in other words the best performing manager is required to set a target and work as a team with his employees and reach a goal. Some of the strategies for employees include; encouraging learning, knowledge-sharing and partners; resource support to enable execution of policy activities; clarity M&E responsibility.


Countries like our mother land as developing country need a hard working monitoring and evaluation system, in order to achieve goals that will develop the nation. Furthermore the activities that the government run must benefit everyone within that certain area. The challenges that are faced by the M&E are can simply be solved by addressing people in each and every move you take and explain to them and honesty is all people need. Through the strategies that implemented in the M&E system a goal can be set and achieved. Our country have to train people on how to monitor and evaluate and avoid hiring managers that are inappropriate for their positions.


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