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The Medium Is The Message

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While looking into the famous quote of McLuhan’s ‘The Medium is the Message’ to under stand more about it. I realized that social media platforms are based around his ideas and have used his teaching to make there platforms more ideal for certain types of communication. For instance “social media marketing must carefully employ a balanced mix across multiple channels to develop strong relationships with your audience and generate qualified leads”(Bernardo, p.1 2018).The platform I found the most interesting was twitter and how the president of the united states Donald trump claims “I doubt I would be here if it weren’t for social media, to be honest with you.”(Baynes p.1 2018). He goes as far to say how he uses this medium to take care of his political ordeals “When somebody says something about me, I am able to go bing, bing, bing and I take care of it. The other way, I would never be get the word out.”(Baynes p.1,2018). Trump used twitter to his advantage and won the election.

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The social issue that arises from this is how much the medium of twitter helped him win and was it proper way to conduct an election campaign. Trump used the platform twitter for a reason. It only allows 280 characters in its msgs. That only allows for quick bursts of information and not a lot of room for his opposition to comment on. And most of all it allowed him to spread lies and discredit media whom apposed him behind a screen where he couldn’t be questioned.

Many republicans loved that Trump used twitter. They loved it because they believe it brought him down to their level and someone the could truly connect with. They saw it as him caring for the people and talking to them as “equals”. However the democrats saw this as him hiding behind a screen and him not participating in political events as he’s allegations cant be questioned on twitter to the same level the can in a broad casted debate. Sociologists were shocked to see someone running for an election using new media medium to spread his political agenda. This was never done in the magnitude before. I personally thought that is was very unprofessional that a presidential candidate was using twitter to spread his messages.

The sociological concepts I’m going to explain this with are the following technological determinism, medium, media as an institute. With regards to trumps campaign technology really helped him win and it has never been done on a medium such as twitter. Technological determinism explains that technology is always innovating and surpasses social change.

Thats why the democrats were so caught off guard with Trump on twitter. never before has a presidential candidate used social media in the way he did people didn’t know what to do when all of his ideals started popping up in their feed. second medium As best described and mentioned earlier a phrase from a famous Canadian Marshall McCluhan “The Medium is the Message” With twitter the medium is fast quick information therefore lies and misleading information spread very quickly and if you put political fuel behind it it can burn like a wild fire everywhere. Thats how trump got into every house hold in America through their cellphones and computer screens and once he was in the houses he got into their heads.

Media is an institution therefore it is made to socialize people Trump used the medium of twitter to socialize people with his ideas and it was the perfect platform to use as no scholarly articles could be posted against him no room for debate. Just his political messages being send out to the masses for consumption. He has total control over the election from a media stand point and no one to question his words as the platform didn’t allow for it properly therefore his influence was vast. The main idea with media is whats being bought and sold and its Its your attention that is being bought and sold But with trump he wasn’t interested in your attention as he was with buying your votes so that he could win the election.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?