The Millennials: the So-called "Me Generation", a Tough Generation to Contend with


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The paper ‘The Millennials: The So-Called “Me Generation”, A Tough Generation To Contend With’ aimed to elaborate how the developing narcissism of these Millennials would be detrimental in the future. The paper attempted to write how these Millennials’ narcissistic tendencies were formed and how these can affect in different ways. Throughout the paper, the author was not able to augment his arguments using the points raised in this paper. From that, the conclusion resorted to seemed off tangent from the flow of his arguments and their validity.

The arguments the paper provided did not significantly contribute to give detail on the narcissistic tendencies of Millennials. The author explains how these Millennials are brought up permissively, resulting to them to their ego accidentally boosted and becoming highly sociable and extroverted. While this does give an idea on how the Millennials are, it is dangerous to generalize and assume that all Millennials are like such. This provides a weak argument to first justify that these Millennials are indeed narcissistic. These characteristics cannot be generalized upon the Millennials as a whole. The failure of grounding the narcissistic natures of the said generation great affects the whole argument itself. To combat this, the author could have rather raised how there are currently growing tendencies of Millennials displaying Narcissistic attitudes in places like the workforce or school institutions. This would rather present how such stereotype was bred and grown into a stigma enough to become a topic of discussion.

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From that, the surplus paragraphs detailing the profiles of a narcissist seemed unnecessary. It is true that giving a background on what being narcissistic is necessary in this context. However, the length and effort done to elaborate on this strayed away the flow and objective of the paper. More so, the paper failed to connect how these traits and characteristics reflected upon the Millennials. The paper added descriptions of the generation that swayed the very flow of the paragraph, raising topics like how the generation grown to be social and tech-savvy. This leads to confusion on what the paper’s aim was to begin with. Even though these profiling can stand true on its own, From this, the paper’s aim become unclear and consequently weakens the credibility of its arguments.

The paper then discusses gave resolution to a need of compromise to these Millennials for them to be successful. Doing not would be a waste of the potential these Millennials carry. Adding this to the essay makes the essay faultier. Once again, it is wrong to assume having these Narcissistic attitudes does not guarantee that they are set back to success.

The author first started to begin to display how these ‘narcisstic tendecies’ are detrimental and dangerous in the future, yet in the paper it failed to prove what these dangers are. Thus, perhaps the very assumption of the future of millennials is faulty or that wasn’t even his objective enough to begin with.

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