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A lot of psychological experts have recommended meditation as a very useful method of helping you to find your passion, and create a vision that you would dedicate your life to. Being informed came before meditation, because having significant, useful information at your fingertips would go a long way in making sure that you think in the direction of the world’s most pressing needs, through which you would make the deepest impacts, and of course, generate the largest revenues. Meditating deeply will help you access ideas and make surprising discoveries from the deepest recesses of your mind, thereby enabling you to make the maximum possible use of the most powerful natural asset every man is endowed with. Critical thinking is a skill that the new generation of entrepreneurs needs to imbibe in order to succeed. You need to be able to critically analyze complex situations, make thoughtful deductions, and figure out viable solutions to pressing challenges within the shortest possible period. A vision can be lofty and honorable, but it might not be practicable. Meditating deeply will enable you to think critically about the solutions to be proffered to existing problems, and how currently existing solutions can be modified to improve efficiency and speed. Discovering a perfect solution to a particular problem that appeals to you while putting factors like cost and practicability into consideration can mean you have found your vision.

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While some people try to figure out exactly what they want to do with their lives, they chase perfection, and leave reasonability behind. Chase excellence, not perfection. If you chase perfection, you might never settle on a vision, because you will keep thinking of better options rather than settling down to actually begin your journey to entrepreneurship. You need to understand that you might never actually discover the perfect idea, but you will discover an idea that will work. Once you find a workable idea that truly appeals to you, start up on it, and try not to procrastinate.

While figuring out your vision, it is also important for you to pursue immediate progress, rather than being extremely fixated on the long run. A lot of people never get to start up any of their ideas simply because they do too much of over thinking. It is important for you to plan ahead as much as you can, but it is also inappropriate for you to get so consumed by the future and end up not getting there at all. Be more concerned about actually beginning, and if you are actually passionate about your vision, you will always find the motivation to forge ahead and conquer new frontiers with every passing day.

Write down your vision. Writing down what you want to do, probably in the form of a checklist or a to-do list is a very great way of getting things done. To figure out your vision, you need to write down the things that actually set your

soul on fire, and then write corresponding problems in the world that can be solved with your abilities and your likes. Getting your ideas in black and white will enable you to achieve an effective kind of objectivity that you mayn’t be able to get if your ideas are only in your head. It will also enable you to have a tangible record of your thoughts as they progress. Therefore, write your ideas, and endeavor to research them to enable you to ascertain how you can finally begin your journey to the life of our dreams.

The next thing to do when it comes to figuring out your vision and ensuring that your dreams come to life is to commit to acting. Starting is actually the hardest part of any endeavour. As soon as you find the wherewithal to actually take the first difficult steps towards playing your part to change the world, you have passed the most difficult of your journey to financial freedom and fulfillment. Be committed to actually taking the necessary steps. Remember that if you procrastinate for too long, you will eventually lose the motivation and drive to pursue your dreams, and your dream life might remain just a mirage.

When it comes to bringing your visions to reality, it is also important for you to know when to quit. This is a point that is usually not mentioned often enough. A lot of people commit so much energy and resources to ideas that do not work, and eventually they put in so much money and time that when the start- up eventually collapses, they are left with absolutely nothing. It is important for you to be desperate to succeed, but you also need to set some limits for yourself. It might help for you to actually apportion a time limit and cash ceiling for an idea. Within that time frame, pursue that vision with all your might and energy; give it your all. However, know when you have expended enough resources on an idea, and always find the strength to move on when appropriate.

Why exactly is it important to have a solid vision before actually embarking on your journey to entrepreneurship?

First of all, starting is hard. It is really difficult to make that decision to risk it all, leave everything behind, and chase a dream. It is however a little easier when that dream is a defined concrete vision, an expectation which you hope to achieve within a defined time frame. Being a visionary gives you the drive to begin the tedious journey towards the actualization of your dreams.

Having a definite vision in mind also gives you a unique, lethal kind of staying power. No matter how difficult things get, no matter how terrible prevailing conditions are at any point on your journey to success, having a vision will enable you to keep your destination in mind, and it will give you the ability to keep defying the odds. If you do not have a concrete vision however, even the slightest challenges would make you begin to reconsider your commitment to your business. Most people make the mistake of jumping into business without actually having a destination they want to arrive at. They just want to make a lot of money, ride the most expensive cars and live in the most luxurious mansions. They do not actually have a defined impact that they want to have on the world. Most people do not even have an idea of how much revenue they want their business to generate. They just want to be entrepreneurs so that they can be rich. People with these kinds of mindsets rarely make it. This is because when the going gets tough, they do not have any vision to encourage them to keep staying on even when everything on Planet Earth seems to be killing them.

Working on a project or running a business that has been an age-long dream can be immensely satisfying, even if financial rewards are not attached. Therefore, when you have a vision; a specific destination that you have had in mind and have been passionate about all your life, then you will discover an incredible amount of satisfaction and contentment when you finally begin to work towards achieving that dream. So, when you begin your journey towards personal financial freedom, even if the big bucks haven’t started rolling in yet, the fact that you have finally set yourself on a path towards the achievement of your life-long dreams will give you a feeling of immense satisfaction that will keep you going on even the darkest of days.

Having a vision also helps your business to stand out in a unique, efficient kind of way. Dozens of your competitors are like a significant percentage of most mediocre entrepreneurs out there; they are in business just to make money. They do not have a particular defined impact they want to have on the world. They probably do not even know exactly how much money they want to make, and when they want to make it. They just want to be rich. You, however, are different. You have a destination in mind, you can picture your vision, and you are fiercely passionate about what you do. You want to change the world, and that inner motivation will drive you to do things with a significant difference. Your dream will spur you to pay more attention to the details that others consider insignificant, and your hard work and consistency which are products of your vision will make you achieve excellence where others fail.

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