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The Mission Of Nonprofit Organizations That Help Children

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There are many different nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, America Red Cross, and United Way which are all awesome organizations. In this mission, helping children that aren’t as wealthy as other that live in the inner city and poverty deprived. Poverty, illness and a lack of strong social support not only jeopardize a child’s future but all too often their lives (Weedmark, David. (n.d.). Nonprofit Organizations That Help Children. Pocket Sense. Retrieved from

This mission is to cultivate well rounded youth who are in-tune with their community and the world and adversity that challenge them in everyday life. A non-profit organization is solely run off of donors, funders, volunteers, program recipients, and the public community. Most would take a holistic approach!! Treating not only one particular thing but the whole person as a whole since 1860, Boys and Girls Club have provided safe havens for young people by offering quality programs and critical relationships with nurturing and reliable adults (Boys and Girls clubs of Greater Salt Lake 2018).

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The Boys and Girls Club is a new innovative way that kids can come together and learn as well as participate in different activities. Academic programs provide young people with educational support and career development (Boys and Girls Club Greater Salt Lake 2018). This dynamic program seeks to help young people understand that one person can make a difference and have a positive lasting effect on the world. Founded in 1946, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) may be the most recognized nonprofit for children (Weedmark, David. (n.d.). Nonprofit Organizations That Help Children. Pocket Sense. Retrieved from

The Boys and Girls club put emphasis on helping young people to become global citizens who are in tuned with their communities. The Boys and Girls Club achieves this goal through character education, language programming, environmental awareness, community involvement, fine arts education, volunteer services, apprenticeship programming. The program seeks, among other things, to help young people to become proficient in international countries that have the same adversity. We realize that experience will increase the confidence of young people and help them to recognize their true potential.

Having a Boys and Girls can cut down the activity of people leaving their kids alone at home unattended. Having a place where the kids can go until the parents/ guardian get off work will help kids likely to not get in so much trouble. It will also give kids the ability to get help in areas that is needed as far as helping with homework. The staff will also help build a foundation for practicing good study habits. The goal will be to make a fun but learning environment. Every child don’t learn the same way so making sure every child get there needs met is a step closer in the right direction. In my hopes of making a difference some would teach the kids and parents a trade.

School isn’t for everyone but knowing how to make money in other areas can be beneficial. Everyone will not be a leader in life but knowing how to maintain in this world is the key. Teaching a trade will make a successful person in the long run that will be something that they can take with them wherever they go such as styling hair, being a mechanic, hvac and lawn care are few but many more things to do. The Boys and Girl club is sponsored by a lot of communities Lowe’s has provided grants to over 230 Clubs ensuring that our young people have a place they find comforting, supportive, and FUN to visit each and every day (The Official Site of Boys and girls Club of America).

Here is good reason to have a Boys and Girls Club is having a Mentor for the kids to look up to. Not all kids have people to talk for whatever reason. Some kids don’t have a good relationship with their parents and can’t talk to them about certain situation. Some parents are working so hard that they just don’t have the time to listen to the kids they have so much going on in their lives that they forget about the kids well being and needs. However, having someone that the kids can relate to or come to when in doubt makes life less stressful.

Having an outlet of the things that are going on in your life good or bad can be hectic for a child. Children need to know how to prepare themselves. In the life that we live in children can be very hateful so bullying has become prone. Also depression, low self-esteem, gangs etc have been things that kids have to face in school along with learning coping skills. So having a mentor to help direct these issues and look for them may save a child’s life. Also, many kids aren’t as fortunate to have technology at their houses so The Boys and Girls club give the access to the things. Being able to be accessible to technology can make homework easier. Not being able to have the necessary technology can be stressful as well.

Nobody, want to feel left out so having the necessary technology to fell apart of other is a good reason to have a Boys and Girls Club. Social skills are skills that we all can work on. Being able to have an educated conversation and expressing yourself will help in the long run. Not all kids are verbal enough to know how to handle situations. The interaction between the workers and kids can be a taught behavior on how to handle different situations. This way barriers are being broken for students to succeed in school, better attendance, thrive to learn, better exposure to an academic career in hopes to develop parental involvement. Having a support system will let the parents and kids know that they aren’t out here in this world along some people are having a harder time than other but team work make the dream work.”

The Boys and Girls Club just don’t just cater to the children. It will cater to the parents as well. Having a resource room for parents to go to rather in need of technology are help with finding different resources to help they’re family. There are single parents and Fathers that need help so having a place to come will help them as well. Many people can’t, because they have not!!” Being able to have means of getting free access to the little things such as having to field out a job application on-line to faxing off a document can make the life of a parent less stressful. Everyone isn’t able to the extra necessities that are needed in the daily lives we live. There will be workshops and GED classes where they can take whatever is needed.

These are some of the reason why there should be a Boys and Girls club. The end result of being able to help one another and networking make it that more special when you making a difference and changing lives. Unity is all that should be thought about when making a difference in someone’s life. Raising awareness about a specific cause is important to promote business in partnership with organizations. Giving back to other’s help improve your sense of well-being and staying connected to the community. Being able to sacrifice something for kids or helping others makes you feel great.


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