The Model of My City (Rowlett, Texas)

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In my paper I will be discussing the current city model and other attributes of the city which I have grown up in. Including, a little bit about where I am from, if my city is home rule or general law city, and the city model that my city uses.

I live in a suburban neighborhood in Rowlett, Texas which is in Dallas and Rockwall county with a population over 66,000 and is growing rapidly. Rowlett is a home rule city which most nearly means that the citizens have more power to make choices involving their city and their city government since the mayor does not have a lot of power. A few things that citizens in the home rule city have the power to choose are, methods for mayoral elections, the creation of more boards, form of municipal government, size of city council, and much more. Rowlett’s city council is elected at-large and is well known for representing and working well with Rowlett’s citizens. Rowlett’s mayor is Tammy Dana-Bashian who has been mayor since 2017 and is focused on keeping Rowlett economically stable and to ensure the government and the cities population work well together. We also have a city council member named Robert Blake Margolis who was elected in 2017 after his eighteenth birthday and is the youngest elected official in the city and one of the youngest in the state. Margolis’s primary goal is to show the younger population that they should get involved in their city and be educated on politics. Rowlett’s city model is council manager system. Our council manager is Brian Funderburk who was appointed in November of 2013. Since we have a council manager system us, as citizens, elect the mayor and city council members as needed. According the city of Rowlett’s website, the council manager has many duties including, city council policy, prepares annual budget and implements the budget once it is approved, encourages citizens input regarding city operations, and many other tasks of being the council manager.

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Therefore, Rowlett is a very populated city for its size and is growing larger and urbanizing every year. With this being said, we must have a strong city government who has particular and detailed task in order to be successful, as well as, having citizens who are willing to take part and communicate their needs and ideas with the city government.

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