The Moral Values that Should Be the Core of a Family


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The first moral value would be forgiveness. In a family, arguments are inevitable. Arguing over small or serious matters between parents and their children or among siblings is natural. Even so, no fights should last forever. A major war itself can be resolved. As for my case, my parents were always the ones in the middle when my siblings and I have issues with each other. Sometimes the results may not be according to our wills but my parents told us to be grateful with the decisions rather than continuously hurting each other. What I learn from them is that no matter how bad or tense the situation is, a harmonious end is a must because family is our top priority and personal interests or profits should be put away if we want to have a peaceful and healthy family.

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The next moral value is politeness. Being raised in a Malaysian or an Asian family, nothing is more critical than manners. Asian communities have a long history of being known for their etiquette. In our culture it is believe to earn recognition and respect, manner is the main part of the evaluation process of becoming someone great. ‘To gain respect from others you need to learn to respect others first,’ is more of a motto than advice. To me especially, my parents advised me to speak in the an appropriate manner to anyone, young and old. With the world getting more modern day by day, I understand why they want us to be polite. Our world can keep on getting advance, but politeness should also be instilled in our daily life or else people would have a lot of problems especially when it comes to communicating with each other and perhaps fights could happen to the world causing destruction after we leave.

The third moral value that I would like to emphasize on would be cooperation. In this world, the need to be a team player is a very crucial especially when we face challenges as a group of engineers or doctors. Fortunately for most of us, we have a group to give us early exposure on to how to be a good team member and that group is called family. In my family, group work is not something we are unfamiliar of. For example, my father and I. During the past holidays, he came up with a sudden decision to paint the house. Since it was the holidays, I admit that I was too lazy to do such things but thinking of it again, we would be painting our own house, my shelter and it would not be so bad to paint plus my mother told me that I should help my father because he is old, doing that alone would burden him. To us, siblings, when we are asked for help from our parents, we can either help or refuse to do so but due to having the sense of being responsibility we agreed to. To simplify my story, I agreed and so, after a week of our hard work, the house is now as good as a new one. In a conclusion, cooperation among family member is important because it eases the work and the result would be extremely satisfying.

Lastly, the moral value that should be the core of a family in this age would be love for the family. I admit that this moral value is a complicated one to be discussed especially when there are cases where a family could not stay together which ended up with the parents getting divorce and their children being the victims. Anyway, let us put the negative part aside for a while and focus on the positive part of love. Love is a wonderful thing and it is something that should be cherished. In my family,love is what I know as the reason why after every challenges and arguments that we went through, we still stay together.The feeling of wanting to be attached to each other is so strong that nothing could apart us. Love bring home to us. Love bring food to us.Love makes us understand each other even without saying something in words. In other word,to be loved and to love is a blessing. As what my parents used to tell us, by quoting a verse from the bible “(Love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” from 1 Corinthians 13:7. As a summary,love is not something bad but something we should be grateful of to have. It only depends on how one shapes his love.

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