The Most Common Forms of Sexual Abuse


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As UNODC (2012:7) states that, both voluntary migration and trafficking can lead to sexual exploitation of women. Women are trafficked inside and outside the borders for the purpose of sexual exploitation by the traffickers. The women migrating for foreign employment often become victims of sexual abuse and exploitation unknowingly as though they are often aware of illegal migration but are kept unknown about the working conditions and nature of work. Women trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation accounts for 58 percent of all trafficking cases detected globally, while trafficking for forced labor accounts for 36 percent.

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According to Agrinet (2001) study, forty-three percent of respondents reported sexual abuse in the workplace. The most common forms of sexual abuse on housemaids are verbal sexual harassment and sexual contact. One of the participant informants of this thesis said that the husband comes to the kitchen while his wife is asleep and caresses me and holds my breasts. In some cases, women who work as housemaids are coerced into becoming their employers’ mistresses. Besides, the above author states that, a large number of respondents who are involved in domestic works exposed for rape.

One of the participant informants of this thesis sexual harassment exposure reported word by word as follows. When she told her problem her tire flows.

Everything is dark in my life. My employer frequently came in to my bed room while I was sleeping during midnight and frequently asked me to have sex with him. He continuously persuades me to have sex with him so that I can get additional money. I refused to have sex with him for a long time. But one night he forcefully raped me. When I shouted, he punched me.

Trafficking in women is a global problem affecting large numbers of girls and women. It is lucrative and is linked with criminal activity and corruption, as it is often hidden and hard to address. Women and girls are more vulnerable to HIV and AIDs infection, thus trafficked girls and women are most at risk. In the case of those trafficked for purposes of commercial sex work, Burkhalter (2003) explained that vulnerability is increased in a variety of ways:

Trafficked persons are unable to insist upon condom use. Trafficked persons may be forced to perform those sexual practices most associated with AIDS transmission. Trafficked persons are forced to have sex with multiple partners. Violence in commercial sex is common; especially where women or children are forced to have sex against their will. Injuries sustained during forced sex may increase vulnerability to HIV transmission. The physically immature bodies of young girls are extremely vulnerable to sexual injury. Such injuries increase their risk of infection. Many trafficked persons have other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) due to forced and unsafe sexual activities. 

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