The Most Devastating Disease that Happened in the Human History


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According to the history, the plague originated from China and went to Europe through the Silk Road. The deadly plague was caused the bacterium Yersinia pestis and it was carried and transmitted by fleas from the rats. It occurs in three forms: bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. The most well known and most common form is the bubonic form. The Black Plague had major outbreaks in the European cities which killed half of their population. There were several reasons why the plague started and how it affected the people, however due to lack of information and lack of medicinal knowledge it was difficult for them to analyze the true story behind it. They did not know how it spread and on how to cure it. With the use of the evidences that were recorded in the history, it was proven that the Black Plague affected several countries especially Europe regarding their belief in religion, demographic, social and economic situations.

During the 4th century when the Black Plague happened, they did not have accurate knowledge about the disease and they did not know how it spread from a person to another person. There were no medical doctors and no medicines that could cure them. In addition, without the accurate knowledge about the disease, they also used other methods on how not to be affected by the disease which was not related to their religion. Doctors in that era tried to treat their patients with masks, bird beaks, hats, and a black coat which went down until the ankles. Another example of the treatments that they used were cupping, purging and bleeding. However, we all know that the methods they used in the past did not worked and was not successful because the plague still continued and a lot of people still died.

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Since people during the modern era focused on their religion, they believed that the plague was caused by God. People in Europe had a strong faith in their religion because religion was one of the biggest aspects during the modern era. They focused on Christianity, and focused on how to spread and teach other people about their religion. People prayed and asked God for forgiveness because they believed that it could save them from the plague. The plague killed many people even though they prayed and did everything in relation to their religion. As a result, people lost their faith and belief in their religion.

According to the Encyclopedia Entry of Lana Thompson, Lana entitled Black Death, “The disease spread from the coasts to inland areas, killing thousands of people each day. According to various sources, the death rate varied from 12 to 50 percent. It is estimated that in Europe 20–25 million, and throughout the world 42 million people died.” With the use Thompson’s statement, it was clear that the Black Plague affected the demographic of several countries especially Europe. The main reason why Europe was greatly affected by the plague was because of the population, poverty, and malnutrition. Europe had high and growing population which caused the shortage of food supply. This resulted in the increase of the price of the food. It can be explained by using the law of supply and demand. It means that if there’s an increase in the demand and decrease in the supply, the price of the foods would rise and would be expensive. With the rise of the food price, peasants could not afford food anymore. It eventually led them to malnutrition that’s why they became an easy target for the plague.

The socioeconomic situation in Europe was affected before and after the Black Plague. It resulted in both disaster and opportunity. Due to the large population of deaths, there were a massive reduction of laborers and it was immediately felt by the society. The production of goods was reduced because there were no skilled laborers to do the job. Some business had close because there were no laborers to work for them. On the bright side, the lack of laborers led into hiring of new laborers. The laborers demanded higher wages due to the lack workers.

The Black Death was one of the most terrible and deadly events that happened not only Europe but also in other countries. The disease was spread through fleas in the rats. It spread very fast and easy because of the poverty, malnutrition, and lack of knowledge about the disease. The result of the Black Plague affected several countries especially Europe regarding their belief in religion, demographic, social and economic situations

If I could go back in time by using a time travel machine or by having an ability to teleport into different time periods, I would go back in the medieval period where they experienced a massive amount of death due to the black plague. The black plague had killed half of the population in Europe because during the medieval period, there were no medicines, no technology, and they didn’t have enough knowledge on other things like the Black Plague. When the plague happened, they also did not have medical doctors who could gave them medicines that could cure them. We would use a time travel machine in order to change the past and to prevent millions of people to be killed.

Before going back in medieval period, I would tell the top medical doctors all over the world to come with me since I’m not a doctor. I would also tell the nurses, and other specialists to come with us in order for the doctors to have an assistant. The doctors would do an intense and deep research about the Black Plague before going in the medieval period. They would create effective vaccines and medicines that would instantly cure the people who were infected by the plague. After everything was set, we could travel back in time. Vitamins and other medicines like flu vaccines, Tylenol, Advil, and other medicines for sickness is a must to bring in our time travel. In addition, we would also bring advance medical technologies like x-ray, thermometer, surgical devices, and many more to make it easier for the doctors. In order to kill all the rats that spread the virus, I would bring plenty of rat traps and rat pesticides to kill all the rats that spread the virus.

After we arrived in the medieval period before the black plague got worse, we would help the area to be clean and to be virus free by putting rat traps, rat pesticides, and rat poison to kill all the rats in the area. By killing all the rats, it would make the virus not to spread easily. In addition, encouraging them to clean their area would be the best idea for the disease not to spread easily. A lot of people were malnourished and have low level of immunity because they don’t have money to spend for them to buy foods. The nurses and I would give them foods, and we would teach them how to fill up their stomach even if they don’t have enough money. Planting rice crops, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, and other crops would be very useful for them because it can be a source of food afterwards. A healthy body and a high level of immunity is the best way not to be infected by the plague. We would also give the residents who were not infected by the plague a hygiene kit in order for them to have good health. In addition, we would show them how to use it since they are not familiar in the things from the 2000’s. The hygiene kit includes a soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and other things that can be used for personal hygiene. With the help of the nurses, we would teach them how to improve their life so that their health will also improve.

The doctors would start to check the health status of the infected people. The doctors will continue to analyze the people’s sickness when the nurses and I were busy in teaching and educating the residents on how to improve their health. The doctors would educate the people about the basic information about the black plague. Explaining what causes the plague and how to prevent and cure it. The doctors would give them medicines and perform additional medical practices if needed. All of the people that were not infected will be also given vaccines in order for them not to be infected. They will give also vitamins to improve their immune system. Everyone in the place will be encouraged to take a physical exam, including other test to determine whether they are in good condition or not. The top medical doctors would do their best to cure the people. As a result of our hard work and our efforts to cure and stop the black plague from spreading, no one died and everyone in the medieval time have a healthy body. They now have a high level of immunity, good proper hygiene, and a healthy body.

Changing the past of the medieval time would lead to a huge change in the future. It would affect the population, production of goods and technology, rebellion and religion. The population size of humans in Europe would not decrease into fifty percent but the population would increase because no one died during the plague. Regarding the production of goods ang technology, it will result into an increase of production since there are a lot of people who can work and produce. They won’t experience a shortage in employees and workers. Without the black plague several rebellions of slave won’t happen because there are enough workers so they cannot demand for higher salaries. The people in the medieval period will still have a strong faith in their religion. When the black plague happened, people lost faith in their religion because a lot of people died. Now that no one died because they all survived, their faith will remain the same and they will have a stronger faith in God. 

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