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The Most Essential Ideas of Erin Brockovich Movie

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What makes this movie fascinating is the fact that it is based on a true story. It is about a woman who has 3 kids, no husband and no job who happens to meet Ed Masry and begins to work in a no-benefits, low-paying job out of desperation for an income.

What I can see in Erin is that she has a strong personality. Someone who seems highly independent and somewhat unnerving. Although Erin does not have a degree in law, she is able to reveal many details of this unusual situation of people in a California desert town called Hinkley, facing various health problems from an abnormally high risk of a carcinogenic disease. She discovers a connection between the diseases and the use of hexavalent chromium in the company by the name of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), who have a plant in Hinkley.

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The main ethical business issues that were depicted involve deception, bribery, destruction to the environment, and the inability to trust local businesses. Companies that work in several nations can prove tricky when setting the boundaries between right and wrong. I could say that the workers of PG&E were driven by complete selfishness and lack of empathy. As for the engineers, they should have maintained their engineering attributes. Yes, they may be good at doing their job, but they should be doing it with their conscience and not be blinded by their own self-interest. The fact that they deceived people, allowing them to believe that the water supply was safe, bribing a specific doctor to cover their immoralities, and also for the members of the Hinkley community to drop charges against them is awfully an unethical behavior.

I understand that it would be tough to turn against your company, as I think it was for PG&E workers; however, being a project engineer ties the limitations between engineering and project management, leading the technical workers who contribute to the building of structures or products. Therefore, having this job is having the responsibility for technical activities. His exercise illustrated exactly how important it is to act in an ethical manner for engineers are one of the people accountable for consequences, even if your company is unethical.

Ethics is important to economic progress. The field of ethics also called moral philosophy, includes systematizing, protecting, and acclaiming concepts of right and wrong actions. Ethical questions range from real, narrowly defined issues, such as a company’s obligation to be truthful with its customers, to broader social and philosophical questions, such as a company’s obligation to preserve the environment.

People should know about this. But development ethics is useless unless it can be rendered into public action. By public action is meant action taken by public authority, as well as actions taken by private agents by having important consequences for the life of the public community. As Erin Brockovich becomes an advocate for justice, I was inspired by her true courage. This movie will always be part of me.


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