The Most Suitable Way to Back Up Data


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Technology made our life easier. Huge number of people is working online and earning money sitting inside their houses. It paves the way of lots possibilities in professionals’ life along with some treats also. Online professionals must deal with data which can be damaged anytime, no one can guarantee it. Backing up data has become crucial. Here, we are going to discuss about ways to back up data.

There are 3 ways to back up data, Flash drive, external hard disk and cloud storage. I found external hard drive is the most suitable. Because, it’s affordable, not much expensive unlike cloud storage and can bank up huge and big size files unlike pen drives. Hard disk provides more storage than flash drive, less like to be stolen or loosen and if the hard disk is damaged files are still can be recovered. On the other hand, Cloud storage a bit more expensive and relies on internet hence I won’t be able to back up my data if I goes out of network. Flash drives provide lesser storage up to 256GB, sometimes a freelancer deals with very large file, which cannot be stored in a flash drive. Portable hard disk contains up to 2TB data and developers are expanding its storage size day by day. And for cloud storage, I must pay more for more storage on monthly or yearly basis. Google charges 430RM per year for 1TB storage to back up in google drive And if I buy one portable hard disk that’s mine forever. 2TB drive, which will cost around $50-$100, will more than suffice. Some external hard disks are waterproof.

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Another reason, I choose portable hard disk because it’s very easy to use and takes shorter time to back data. I just connect it with a cable to my computer and copy-paste. The data transfer at the fastest speed. Whereas cloud storage requires internet connection to make a backup. It consumes MB or GB based on data size. And finally, backup process takes time based on internet speed. Nowadays, our internet connection doesn’t help us to keep back up as fast portable hard disk. Portable hard disk and flash drive enable us to keep back up as much times we want, and we need to have internet for cloud storage back up.Therefore, from aforementioned discussion I can point out that, potable hard disk is the best back up option for me. Because it doesn’t require internet connection and provides huge amount of storage. I can back up my data anytime any here.

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