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Did you know that taking care of an air conditioning unit has its very own process? It’s like owning a car. You have to keep a general area for it, check on it every once in a while, and maintain cleanliness and stability so that it can perform at a high level for a long time. We at Budget Air Supply, a top air conditioning supply shop in the country, are here to show you what it takes to make sure that one of your biggest investments looks and performs like one on a yearly basis. As the summer winds down, you need for an air conditioner is going to decrease. Pretty soon, it will be time to bring out your heater to start fighting off the cold weather. So where is that air conditioner unit going? It certainly isn’t time to dispose of it! In fact, you can make your A/C unit last for a long time if you store it away properly. Like any machine or instrument, these units can be used for a long time if taken care of properly.

They won’t just last for a long time either. They’ll work as if they were brand new. Let’s go through these simple steps to ensure that you keep your investment for many years. Removing the A/C UnitCongratulations! Your investment from the air conditioning supply store has paid off! You’ve beat the heat and your house has kept up to great living conditions. Now it’s time to put it away for the next six to eight months. Be sure to safely power off and unplug your unit before going any further. A misstep in turning off power could result in damage to the unit or even yourself. Whether it’s a smaller unit for a room or a bigger, cube-shaped one that’s been outside all summer, have somebody there with you to help you carry it from one place to another. Between their respective shapes and weight, having two people involved will yield the best and safest results. The Cleaning ProcessWith all of the wear and tear your unit undergoes throughout the summer, it’s important to make sure that it’s completely clean before storing it away. After all, you don’t want any germs or unnecessary bacteria making its way into the unit and into the house during a time when we’re all fighting colds! Start with the filter. Hand wash or brush it using soap and warm water. This can be done either outside with a hose or even under a sink depending on the size of the unit’s filter. If you choose to hand wash, a sponge with extra soap is perfect for getting all of the yucky germs of summer off of it. When you wash your air conditioner, make sure that it’s in an upright position at all times.

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By doing this, the chemical products such as soap or oil can easily seep through the smaller crevices of the unit that are hard to reach when hand washing. Storing the A/C UnitDo you remember that nice box that showed off a slick picture of your unit when you first bought it from the air conditioning supply store? Don’t think about throwing it away! It’s a great way to keep your a/c unit in prime condition during the winter. Think about stowing it away in a tight and compacted area. Keeping it in there will prevent any bugs from entering the unit and making it their own personal winter home. If you have the bigger units, winterizing covers can be found online. In fact, many of our own units come with winterizing covers! Keep the unit in a place that you feel as though won’t be reached by bugs or rodents. Many owners often place theirs in the basement of their house, especially if it’s unfinished or has an extra utility room. Keeping them in these areas leaves them with less of a chance of exposing themselves to potential problems.


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