The Motive of Class Conflict in Titanic

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The Motive Of Class Conflict in Titanic

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Table of Contents

  • The Film Summary
  • The Theory of Marx
  • The Class System in Titanic

The Film Summary

Titanic, A love story told to granddaughter by her 100 years grandmother named Rose about herself when she was just 16years old. In a ship named titanic, she was boarding with her mother and her fiance in a upper class passengers to marry though she didn't wanted to marry was caught by a third-class passenger 'jack' a artist. When she was trying to sucide from the front deck of the ship, Jack held her within his arm and saved her life and gives her a dance of her life in his third-class passengers. The force of love couldn't be seperated from each other and both fall in love, meanwhile the ship cracks the Titanic. Then they had to fight the freezing death until the rescue had arrived. And people find out the TITANIC story and her drawing and meets the explorers and her memories are when out story begins.

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The Theory of Marx

As from the topic Class Conflict you probably know its the conflict between two classes in the human social history being used and using others for own profit. As one of the theory developed by Marx, has also founded on the basis on system of organization in which all property is owned by a community and other people contribute and recives according to their ability and needs, also known as communism.

According to Marx, 'The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class strugles'. The common theory if mark states each and every conition and actions occured in the history have created conflict between classes and the history is improved due to the class conflicts. And through the Mark's view of point, the classes between employee an employee are only considerable as classes , whereas the classes by religion, nation and race arent counted as he believed that they are un-natural and useless to humans.

The Class System in Titanic

Titanic movie is a suitable movie to consider the view of Marx, As the Titanic passenger was divided according to the class. As its divided into lower-class passaneger under the deck and upper-class passnegers. It more over divides the life style and thinking of the peoples in different classes. The Upper class passengers live in a life full of boring rules, Formalities with cheap back talk of peoples whereas Third-Class passnegers enjoys their life to the fullest while they can with no worries.

Rose's mother was only concerned with her daughter weiding with a rich guy to maintain their depreciating family to main family wealth. Where as Rose's fiance gives a huge diamond ring to interest her mind as he loves her 'outer beauty' the only reason to marry her. This eventually shows how foolish the high-class people are.

As the ship collides with the Iceberg, the crew threatens low class passengers with guns and the priority to the righful boarding of life boats goes to the upper-class passengers. The captain, the person having the adminsrative duty had no confidence on himself after the breaking of the ship having plenty of commanding earlier dies later without resolves. As he dies in stering room, his role is shown as a metaphor.

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