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The Movie "Superfly" and Its Starring Actors

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SuperFly is a fantastic Blaxploitation remake of the 1970’s, the recent version of the movie has updated the complete scenario in a modest way. This movie is based on actions and crime and a young drug dealer which is directed by Director X. the movie having a best story and people love the soundtrack as well. The leading stars appeared in the movie includes Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Lex Scott Davis, Jennifer Morrison and Michael K. Williams. The plot of the story moves around the career criminal who just wanted to come out from the Atlanta drug scene, as the single bad deal has laid him in harm’s way. Mainly, this story is about a young boy Youngblood Priest (Trevor Jackson) who is the handsome drug dealer of Atlanta, he is looking for a best opportunity to leave the game prior then he got killed. He is always figuring intellectual drug lord that concentrates in the extended game when remaining in the radar.

The role of Youngblood Priest is performed by the good-looking man of the time the American Singer Song Writer, Actor and a dancer as well, Trevor Jackson. He is also known for his original series Syfy in which he performed the character of Kevin Blake. He performs to inspire his fans and keep his character in a smooth silk path just to portray him as classy and badass. In the movie he ignores violence; he avoids guns and just concentrates on his fighting paws. Excluding the gun range scene in which he gets off in Call of Duty blast. Trevor Jackson prepares his look in a classy style that suits the personality of a young and handsome drug dealer. He chooses statement shoes and mink SuperFly Trevor Jackson long coats. He remains in a classical look with his fur coats and leather jackets when rocking compelled hair that make Prince delighted. Young Priest having problems with only being deliberated as a criminal when confessing he just do that he wanted to do to expand the scarcity and class prejudice of the youth. In short he wants to support the youth who are getting the victim of dangerous gangs and who find no way to come out of harms.

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SuperFly is not only about drug dealing, it does deals with police cruelty and violence as well as the exploitation found in criminal justice system. This portraying how violent the systems could be and how much harm they acquires. From the time the teaser released the movie got mixed comments from the critiques but the smartness of the hero Young Priest seems notable and shut the mouths of the critiques. He chooses a role that is about lessons. Trevor Jackson actually has great sense of matching his character with the wardrobe. In this remake his drug dealing character suites his statement SuperFly Trevor Jackson Youngblood Priest Coat. The way he aligned his performance as a badass drug dealer he put on heavy looking leather jackets and coats. Don’t waste your time and have entertaining hours with this newly released movie!


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