The Multitude of Religion in USA: Religion is the Opiate of the Masses

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For Americans, Religious support was one of the essential points to assure and justify that in the sight of God, and that means that the revolution was the right thing to do and God agreed with that. In colonial America, religion created a strong feeling together with the Enlightenment thinking and helped the colonists to contest all British was doing and demand independence, inspiring then into social and religious movements against the British officers to get their rights. Religion is one of the major things in the history of the United States and principally the American Revolution and it helped a lot for what we have today in the United States.

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One of the most important Religions in the American Revolution: the Quakers, were really good people. The Quakers were unlike the other religious groups they believe in equality, equality of genres and they tried to include more women in the society. At this time, women had no voice in society and women could not do anything, like the right to vote, but the Quakers started the feeling of equality, so they allowed women to preach and to speak in meetings and to travel to spread religious teachings. Those things mean a lot to have equality in the United States that we have today, was the start of the changes and start of the formation of the US nowadays. Another important thing that the Quakers did was the equality and tolerance to the American Indians and the African-American, that were slaves on the epoch. They condemned slavery, freed their slaves and they kick out the members that were still keeping their slaves and the ones that supported slavery, but the most important thing about them was that they were pacifists and in some places still had the destruction of churches, but in other areas, religion flourished and at this areas the Quakers acted a lot to be free of British.

A situation that shows how superior the Quakers were to the other religious groups was that they were the only ones that really care about the slaves because the protestants and the puritans were against it and they agreed to continue with the slaves.

So, concluding with all the information we’ve seen it is obvious that the religion made the United States great and it helps the United States to have the revolution, helping the people in a ‘’ mental revolution’’ to see how absurd was the taxes and British was abusing of the United States just because they were them colony, and because of all the taxes and the immorality of the British soldiers, not just the Quakers protest, but other religious groups like the Protestant, Puritan were protesting against the abuse of the Britains. 

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