The Music Video "Small Bump"


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The experience of transitions can be transformative to an individual while trying to start a family. The music video ‘Small Bump’ experiences the outlook on a father who unfortunately loses their child through miscarriage. The symbolism of the colour blue continues throughout the video which emphasises the fear and anxiety that the individual feels as the camera moves throughout the video from one side to the other of the waiting room passing him in the process. This transition signifies a feel of emotions and honesty which is then highlighted with a close up. The young girl close to the end of the video who runs opposite him may likewise be an impression of what could have been a future foreshadow of his kid in the event that unborn child had survived, relatively like a transitory idea or conceivable memory in his brain. This is represented by the cinematography toward the start of the video of a medium shot of the clock on the divider ticking. This proposes how time is passing unavoidably.

Throughout the entire song a drum beat is heard this symbolises the heartbeat of the unborn child. This changes when in the outro the drums have suddenly stopped symbolising the unborn child heartbeat has stopped. This is revealed in the last shot, with a close up of Ed Sheeran in the foreground and the lady in the seat behind him out of sight, the viewer can determine and understand this frame as there being a relationship between the two figures as they both share a loss of some kind, with no dialogue retrospectively demonstrates that there isn’t anything else left to be stated, just something experienced, which could be their method for coping with the death.

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At the end of the song the chorus is repeated for the last time while the music fades out. There is a slight strumming of a guitar to accentuate the expressions of the last two lines of the song the metaphor combined with the first person narrative “You were just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life. Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware as why.” This peculiar transition of the song is coupled with the poignant lyrics which builds an instant sense of sorrow. The unborn child has passed away, leaving the parents to grief on the loss of his life, however it simply lasted a couple of short months. The song evidently conveys how reality is experienced as an individual is going through a transformative phase, transitioning into an uncertain future as a parent and trying to start a family.

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