The Mystical Reason Behind the Occurance of Deja Vu

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Deja vu is a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. Frequently, deja vu hits more times than we can count. When it does, it’s creepy effects leaves people feeling as though they are floating in the clouds of wonder for a few minutes that can sometimes feel like hours. Deja vu happens to nearly everyone, even if they don’t recognize it. One must ask the question: if people don’t recognize that it’s happening, how can they realize its effects? How does the sensation of deja vu effect individuals?

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Deja vu can have several effects on one’s body, both mentally and physically. When deja vu occurs, it triggers a mental switch that allows us to believe that we are repeating a task that we either have once done or seen before. Deja vu affects us and makes us question our own mental status because once it occurs, we search and ramble through our brain looking for the memory glands that has just “repeated”. We often question our own mental stability; we think, “ I am I just crazy or did I just wish that happened.” Many people avoid deja vu because they are afraid of what might actually happen, or what it may actually mean. There are many different ways people interpret deja vu; some think of it as visions, as a symbol of something they’ve been through before, or something they may have seen in the future. About 70 percent of the population reports having experienced some form of deja vu. A higher number of incidents occurs in people 15 to 25 years old. “ Déjà vu has been firmly associated with temporal-lobe epilepsy. Reportedly, déjà vu can occur just prior to a temporal-lobe seizure. People suffering a seizure of this kind can experience déjà vu during the actual seizure activity”. Physically, it throws us off and in some odd way that we always try to explain the unclear and quick snippets of deja vu to another person. It’s something that always has us curious. As long as our brains are in motion and working, there’s no controlling of the number of how many times it can occur.

Deja vu has also been explained as a fragment of our imagination. “People with more vivid imaginations or those who have better recollections of their dreams also appear to have more déjà vu experiences. Déjà vu also tends to occur during mundane, everyday experiences. More exciting events are more likely to be remembered, and thus, déjà vu is less likely to occur” (). “While there is no consensus on how déjà vu works, with further research advances we may just be able to unlock more secrets on the larger picture and learn more about how our brains process and store memories”.

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