The Namesake: a Couple of Relationships with American Women

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Throughout the book, Gogol finds himself with a couple of relationships with American Women. The first women that he dated was Ruth and the second person he dated was Maxine Ratliff. Throughout the book, Gogol’s relationships doesn’t go as planned. Although he wasn’t into the women of his kind, the last person that he date is an Indian women and family friend named Moushumi.

In the book, the first person that he dates is Ruth. They first met in a train that was going from New Haven to Boston. During the time, Gogol changed his name into Nikhil, so Ruth knew him as Nikhil and knows nothing about Gogol. As the two of them date, they would do many things. Some things they would do is kiss or make love after class and tour the school’s museum. 

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His parents didn’t know he was dating someone but eventually he told them many months later. To them, they mentioned her as an “American.” After a year of dating, they break up. When Ruth came back from a semester at Oxford, they met up at Cambridge and tried to fix their relationship. It didn’t work out as they both knew that their love for eachother has come to an end.

Years have passed since Gogol dated somebody. In a party in New York, Gogol meets Maxine Ratliff. She becomes the second women Gogol dates. Just like Ruth, she is an American. Maxine’s and Gogol’s lives are very different. She lives in a townhouse with her parents, whereas Gogol lives in New York city by himself. As they date, Gogol gets more comfortable with the Ratliff family. 

He would spend more time with them, eat their food, and would talk to them. He is becoming more closer to them that he would communicate less with his own family. Gogol’s parents meet Maxine when he took her to eat at his parent’s house. As time went by, Gogol’s dad passes away. Gogol would spend more time with his family and less with Maxine. A year later after Ashoke’s death, they break up because they have mentally grown apart from each other.

Moushumi is different from the other women. She is also the final women Gogol dates. Unlike the other women, Moushumi is an Indian women. She is also a family friend of Gogol. They met each other when they were younger and they got together by Gogol’s mom, as she set up a “blind date.” Their first date was at a bar, then their second at a Italian restaurant, and their final at Moushumi’s house. They enjoy each other’s company and end up getting married after a year.         

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