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The Napoleonic Code And Its Role In History Of France

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The Napoleonic Code has united all of France, by centralizing the legal system. Preserving the Revolution’s ideals, all men are now equal under the law, and with the promise of financial and property security, women can return to peaceful, domestic life instead of troubling themselves with the horrors of politics.


The Concordat of 1801 has once again displayed Napoleon’s efforts to preserve the Revolution’s ideals. He has neither defied nor deified God, and now allows religious freedom for all. In exchange for the church’s religious freedom, Napoleon has removed the Church’s political and property monopolies in France, and now controls the Church, keeping it from corruption and tyranny.

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Ever since the plebiscite forced our great ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte, to humbly crown himself emperor, France has become more united and developed as an Empire. Those who slander him by describing him as a tyrant, do not see how France has flourished and become an international power. Napoleon has not oppressed us, as he honors his oath of preservation of property, institutions, and national happiness.


Napoleon Bonaparte has honored and expanded our nation for many years. However, his conquering has never been for personal glory or power, but for the bettering of the nation. This selflessness has allowed our nation to become a great and vast empire consisting Holland, the Netherlands, Germany and many other states. With the higher purpose of nationalism and national glory, Napoleon has become one of the greatest heroes in French, and world history.


The first acquisition Napoleon achieved during his reign, the Italian and German states, could never have been won without Napoleon’s strategic genius. He wisely chose to battle Austria before addressing the issues with Great Britain, and the military strategist successfully gained Italian and German states from Austria. He then brilliantly used these states to continue to weaken Austria and conquer other states.


After a great war with Russia, Alexander the First relented and called for the drafting of the treaties of Tilsit—on a raft. After establishing the German Confederation, Russia could never win with Napoleon having control over western Germany. And after brutal loses to the genius emperor in Jena and Auerstadt, Russia wants to end the fighting and will allow France to reorganize Europe and will join in the economic war—brilliantly begun by Napoleon—against Great Britain.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s reign has shown how desperately France needed revitalization—and Napoleon rose up to the role as the hero to save us all. His humility stemmed from his humble background, the son of minor nobles born on the island of Corsica. After attending the French military academy, he became an artillery officer. His merit realized during the French Revolution, he rose up the ranks to General and despite his association with the Jacobians, survived the Reign of Terror. His victories in Italy quickly revealed his military prowess and He bravely vanquished the Austrian and Sardinian armies, acquiring northern and western Italy for France. He brilliantly devised a plan to destroy Britain without invading the powerful country, by cutting its connection to India, a major import country. While initially successful, Napoleon realized Egypt was a useless venture, and returned home to France to assist in the unstable government under the Directory. He recognized the corruption and in order to preserve France as a nation, usurped the Directory. He established a new government with three consuls and consulted the people through a plebiscite to establish a government for the people, where the populous showed overwhelming support for their hero. With a such a commendable man for First Consul, France flourished and became more united. He ignored his personal agnostic beliefs to end the issues with the Catholic Church, which he peacefully resolved. He convinced emigres to return and merely asked for the publics loyalty to unite France and establish national pride. He preserved the Revolution’s ideals and through the Napoleonic Code, granted all men equality before the law, and safe-guarded the rights of property holders. His domestic success also transferred to his foreign policy. A brilliant war strategist, he bravely set out to expand France’s empire and easily conquered surrounding nations such as Russia, Holland, Austria, and many other states. The nations conquered also benefitted from Napoleon’s rule as he brought with his modern ideals from the Enlightenment and the French Revolution beliefs in a centralized government with rights for the people. Napoleon truly possessed the traits of a hero, as he saved France from anarchy and united Europe as a whole.


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