The National Preschool Standards-Based Curriculum Framework

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These six learning strands are the most spaces that complement one another and are coordinates with basic, imaginative and inventive considering. The integration points to create human capital that increases in value ethical values based on religion, information, competence, inventive and basic considering and advancement as outlined.


Learning environment alludes to the environment and the physical environment where educating and learning takes put. It is one of the key components in preschool instruction and ought to be arranged so that an intelligently and conducive learning environment can be realised.

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It is imperative to note the demonstrate of organization, focussing on inclusion in school life and supporting children’s learning and instruction as domestic has been critiqued as classed, gendered and radicalised speaking to an overwhelming talk of middle-class parenthood.


The significance of in-depth recognizable proof for arranging successful instructive back and assembly the person instructive needs of children is regularly seen as a key legitimization for transcendent broad.


It modules could be a value-added component implanted within the instructing and learning handle other than those indicated within the substance guidelines. The components are clarified as Medium of Instruction, Environmental Sustainability, Values, Science and Technology, Patriotism, Creativity and Innovation; Entrepreneurship, Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Global Sustainability and Financial Literacy.


School-based Assessment is a form of assessment carried out in schools according to the procedures set out by the KSPK in a systematic process for collecting information about child’s development to help teachers assess their children. This is to identify appropriate follow-up actions to help children achieve teaching and learning objectives in preschool. In the context of preschool assessment in Malaysia, the score means what is used to denote the degree of achievement. Referring to the KSPK, matters including the domain of knowledge, skills and values that are to be developed within pupils are categorized into six spans: Communications Support, Support for Science and Technology, Spiritual Support, Attitude and Value; Physical and Aesthetic Support; Humanitarian Support and Socioeconomic-Socialization development .


In Malaysia, the Ministry has identified 21st century skills that are relevant to the local context and can provide Malaysians to compete internationally. For that reason, the national curriculum aims to produce balanced, resilient, passionate, principled, informational, and patriotic children, and have the ability to think, communicate, and work teamwork. The revised curriculum will ensure an important balance of knowledge with thinking skills, and values to ensure success in the future. There are several teaching strategies that teachers can apply in the teaching and learning process.

Child-cantered Learning means active involvement of children in learning activities and they are responsible for their own learning. Under this, children play an important role in the learning process as learning is driven by the interests, encouragement and needs of children as well as the freedom to choose the type of activity, material and time during the learning. Teachers are facilitators or guides that guide children in learning activities.

Learning Through Play is a structured approach to give children the opportunity to learn in a free, safe, enjoyable, and meaningful environment. This approach is emphasized in pre-school education because play is the natural behaviour of children. Through the playing process they will make exploration, discovery and direct and natural experience development. Through this approach, aspects of physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development and the potential of children can be increased to a maximum level.

The Inquiry-discovery approach is emphasizes learning through experience. Inquiries generally carry the meaning of information, questioning and investigating a phenomenon occurring around. Learning by discovery occurs when major concepts and principles are studied and met by children themselves. Through activities such as experiments, children will study a phenomenon and reach their own conclusions. The teacher will then guide the children to understand the concept through inquiry.

An integrated approach combines two or more skills that children need to master at one time. This approach will help children to understand the reality of real life. In real life something is interconnected with each other and not something that is separate. In addition, the teacher should use the child’s daily experience in the process of P&P

Project-based Learning is a model of classroom activities that are different from custom. This learning activity approach has a long period of time, intercepting multiple disciplines, child-centered and relates real-life practice. The project is defined as an ordered task, construction or investigation that is aimed at specific goals.

The Problem Solving Method is a real-life learning method and children can solve problems with their own capabilities. This method can be collaboratively conducted and child-centered. Children need to identify problems, find solutions, perform problem-solving operations and evaluate the problem solving method used.

Exploration Learning enables children to learn through exploration based on existing experiences. Children actively seek and access information in achieving their learning objectives in a controlled context.

Multiple Intelligences. Every person has different keen and capacities. One’s potential is improved with consistent inspiration, enhancement and suitable learning openings which creates children’ insights and interface to the most extreme level.

Contextual Learning could be a learning strategy which coordinating learning substance with every day encounters of the child, community and the working world. This learning strategy gives concrete learning openings which include hands-on and minds-on activities. Learning takes put when children are able to prepare data learnt or modern information obtained in an important way.


The requirements of the school curriculum should be implemented in all preschools. The preschool curriculum committee is an important professional committee to implement the achievement of curriculum goals in schools in line with the philosophy and goals of the nation’s education that produce balanced human beings and the requirements of the national curriculum cannot be fully and thoroughly implemented as there are some constraints that are still a barrier main to this implementation. Since not only the involvement of teachers, NGOs, or specific parties and parents’ involvement are considered significant in the education process of children, the Ministry of Education Malaysia as a responsible party should incorporate the appropriate elements that can provide a wider scope for the effectiveness of the learning process children.

This curriculum covers aspects of methods of interacting with children that can provide maximum learning experience, holistic parenting methods, planning a guide to assessing child development, refinement and smart cooperation with parents and family members and the community. In addition, this curriculum is conceptualized, exploratory, focused and organized according to the age of the child. Therefore, multi-party cooperation is needed to overcome the constraints arising harmonious in terms of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional. This should be given due attention given to the current trends and many issues that have always been a bottleneck in the Malaysian education system.

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