The Nature of Earth and Homo Sapiens

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Earth, it is one of the terrestrial planets that we humans called our home, which contains and sustains the life of living organisms and human beings. Whereas, this planet namely earth consist of this hydrosphere, comprised of layers, biosystems, magnetic field, cryosphere, and a thin layer of an atmosphere that separates us from the void space and makes earth habitable. Through the billion years of chained catastrophes and events assembles life into earth 3.8 billion years ago. Human beings are been curious about the untold mysteries of life, functions, and the earth’s origin. The endless mystery led to ceaseless attempts and resulting to construct theories over time by observation and discovering evidence about life’s origin. In fact, through scientific discovery solutions of this riddles is seemed to come to an end yet so far than anyone had thought. We, humans, are naturally curious about things around us because of these, many aspects of science arise as well as, the study of geology.

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The study of Geology is part of the branch of natural science under geosciences that associates with rock compositions, terrestrial structures, and natural dynamic development of the earth. It is also one of the vital studies and major component with respect to the structure of the earth, determining relative rocks, extraction of raw materials, underground surveys and identification of natural hazards. The application of geology covered various areas and human experiences such as arts, literature, engineering, military tactics and culture of humankind. The identified rocks and minerals have captivated humans to use this as a material in imagination both in arts and building infrastructures. In some art styles, sedimentary rocks are used as the primary material in producing beautiful sculptures and ceramics. The ‘Precambrian Sphere ceramic landscapes’ of Mattew Blakely is one of the examples that is inspired by geology where he illustrated the geological character on the land we live. On the other hand, many paintings depict landscapes and geological phenomena. One of that is the Italian artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), is widely known as the father of geology who painted the Virgin of Rocks and Annunciation.

In the field of cinematography, portrayals of geological dinosaurs in the various film is being adapted in the society. It became a trend that gains sophisticated audiences, one of the famous films is Jurassic Park in the year 1993. There are also films that are inspired by the catastrophe of the mass extinction of dinosaurs such as the film The Land before Time series. Likewise, the knowledge about the science of geology is used for more than 200 years and even serves as a strategy in military operations and plays a major role in from World War I until today (Underwood, J. R., & Guth, P. L., 1998). Starting from the planning of fortifications, camp defenses, ground wars, and offensive battles, hence, required an understanding of tactical terrain intelligence. Through geology, military problems are being solved and increased the survivability, enhanced cross-country mobility, and developing water sources. The properties and characteristics of rocks and land formation such as elasticity, physical property, porosity, strength, and composition is the bearing of a welfare army. Geology greatly influences the classification of grounds where heavy guns and artillery are placed ready for the war, the positioning of this weapons is essential for the durability and resilience to confide in the accuracy of the firearms.

Furthermore, this tactic is used in late 1914 where Austro-Hungarian forces use the advantage of limestone rocks on Mount St. Michele enable to protect the fortress with the seven meter of limestone bedrock (Ciciarelli, 1994). Geology also plays a role in the transportation of military equipment, constructing of roads, and railways, where the selection of materials relies on the geologist, to make sure that it would be greatly strengthened and enable to be serviceable. Additionally, in France, French soldiers study military topography, geological maps and with the advancement of physiographic science that results of applying it in the battlefield where the possibility in succeeding in a war is higher. In fact, High land stations dominate low ground station and also defensive trench system warfare is being one of the famous protective systems that are occupied by small firearm soldiers (Palka, E. J., 2003). Above all the mentioned application or related human experience, geology in engineering is the most recognize combination in modern society, whereas, rock and minerals are related to constructing buildings, building foundations, Dams, commercial roadways, and railroads. Engineering geology assures the material properties, slope stability, geological hazard assessments, water systems and protects life from natural hazards.

There’s a lot of deeper fundamental questions in our life that makes us think about how the earth is made? How is rock being formed? And why does Earth have plate tectonics and continents? That define us as a human that eagers to know more about the earth. But, because of geology, things are somehow clearer than the blurry vision that we have before. Yes, the study of geology help us to widen our minds and understand earth, But how does this benefit us along with the essentials of geology in life and civilization. Almost everything is connected with the earth from basic water resources unto structure, because of wanting to assure the survival of the human species we definitely need to know and comprehend the functions and balancing of subsystems. Due to geology, we may able to locate energy and water resources that reduce water scarcity and having energy at a lower cost. Furthermore, awareness of geophysical natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, flood and volcanic activity is substantial to preserve human life. It also helps to minimize further damage in the area that is affected by the calamity, earthquakes or the movement plate tectonics that results from the activity of divergent and convergent of plates is being located by focus and its epicenter. We are also benefited from natural resources where business arises such as fossil fuels, gold mines and etc. that rely upon on the study of geology and information from a geologist. In reality, geology is integral in the lives of every individual in the society from understanding geological time scale, relative rocks, magnetic field, layers of earth, plate tectonics to the applying geology in daily life.

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