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The Nature of Magic and the Wonder that It Invokes

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Maybe magic was born when humanity decided to make its first venture to come into contact with the unknown, as well as those hidden spiritual forces, with the help of which our ancestors had hoped to fulfill their desires, unachievable by ordinary means. How can we determine a precise moment to the occurrence of magic when testimonies of its existence are constantly found in different shapes – historical symbols, primitive images or even oral traditions, whose origins are lost in the darkness of millenniums long before our time?

There are two fundamental assumptions that have been made in the past, but neither of them has been proven –magic is confusion between sorcery and factuality and magic is a pure art. In the era before science, scientists tend to say people were more epistemologically naive what they mean by that is they didn’t have clear understanding of the division between the inside and the outside, between what we imagine and what reality actually is. But if you live long enough I think you’d discover that reality and what we call imagination are deeply connected. As a supporter of both thesis I believe that magic is somewhere in the vacuum between real and unreal, between miraculous and true to life, therefore it has nothing to do with science, because it couldn’t be logically explained and theoretically substantiated.

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The concept of magic is unsolvable, because it has uncountable number of forms. If you close your eyes and think about magic, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? I guess it’s something unusual, something extraordinary, but certainly it’s different from what I’d have imagined or anyone else around you.

That was the case with J. K Rowling while she was waiting for a delayed train from Manchester to Scotland. This delay made Rowling’s imagination unleash hundreds of unknown horizons in her mind and respectively provoke countless number of magical ideas which she desperately wanted to accomplish. And that was the moment when the idea of Harry Potter was born, but the brainstorm continued in the train where she imagined how a group of tender age children were travelling to a miraculous school of witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts. After the train journey she started to work on Harry Potter’s books which turned out to be the most popular fantasy series of books of 21 century. The lesson that the incredible story of J. K. Rowling tries to reveal to us is that magic, in some way, exists in our consciousness, but it depends only on us whether we would be strong enough to believe in its veraciousness and transform it into reality. Despite the fact that Harry Potter is not a genuine character, he is more realistic that anyone else, because he is consisted of the magic of an unusually brave woman who dared to believe in the unbelievable.

The second thesis defined by the one of the most remarkable painters Leonardo Da Vinci says that magic is an art. But Leonardo had always liked to hide secrets in his writings and in this notion he concealed the most intimate secret of the Renaissance – magic is not an art, but every art itself is magical. Art is the search of something sublime in the world that will allow the artist to express their ideas, ideals, philosophical views, emotions, unconscious gusts, and subconscious thoughts – things that cannot be seen and expressed in reality. That’s the reason why I wanted you to close your eyes when I asked what magic is for you, because each of us has their own way of interpreting magic. A typical example of interpreting the spiritual magic is fine art and, for example, the incredible works of Sandro Botticelli, Claude Monet, Michelangelo and these masters’ ability of using art to depict the appearance of God, the creation of the world and many other supernatural actions. That’s their own way of seeing magic, but they don’t differ from any of us, they’re just not afraid to show their magic to the world. I’ll quote Leonardo Da Vinci once again – ‘’the noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding’’. If you perceive the magic in your mentality, it will not change only your way of thinking, but it’ll completely overturn the meaning of your life. In conclusion, the concept of magic is definitely something very complex. It is a set of complex algorithms that hide in each individual’s mind.

Magic distinguishes us from other living creatures, because it enables only us to turn the unreal into reality. It’s the cause of our evolution from wild beasts to technologically advanced human beings. Magic develops our consciousness, make us think that nothing is impossible and allows us to materialize our most intimate dreams.


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