The Necessity to Adopt the Gandhiji’s Principles


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The world is struggling a lot with many socio-economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, women empowerment, women exploitation and to tackles these problems the only solution is to adapt Gandhiji’s principles. He successfully carried on the Satyagraha movement to curb and eradicate all the hurdles and challenges which used to haunt the community from ages. He believed in Ahimsa (non-violence) and wanted to tackle all the issues with love, peace and affection. Wish we could adapt such principles in our lives today. He used to arouse the consciousness of the people to attain success and fill in the gaps in the economic eco-system which is desperately needed today.

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People are so much into technology these days that they hardly differentiate between the pros and cons of any situation. It’s high time they listen to the inner voice and act accordingly without depending on the media stories.He was a great leader and the various treaties signed during his era were based on trust and communal harmony which is missing these days. People are so hungry to grab the position and power that they can go to any extent to excel in their mission. Gandhiji was also a great visionary and a strategic leader which again we miss today. He was against the civil wars which only takes away the lives of the innocent masses.

Hopefully our so called world leaders are listening.He believed in equal status and equal respect for all. Women empowerment was always on his agenda and I assume #MeToo movement is a great initiative which does follow his principles (Peaceful protest yet powerful). He was also concerned with the sanitation and hygiene issues related to women and I am glad to see that the Indian entertainment industry is adapting and making movies to raise awareness around such issues which are hardly being discussed in the Indian society.His work on child education, eradicating poverty and illiteracy still forms the basis of United Nations endless humanitarian contribution. He has shown the world what selfless voluntary contribution means. Many charitable organisations respect Gandhiji for being the torchbearer of their organisations.

Youth-engagement was another achievement. Today Youth disorientation is a big challenge. On his initial call, the youth of the country would leave everything behind and happily wanted to be a part of his movement. This is another gap which is still unfilled. Awarding the youth with mentorship and technical assistance, we can achieve the unbelievable outcome. Remember Rome was not built in a day.He was truly a great leader and because of his greatness he is still regarded as one of the finest leaders of the world. Many world leaders have quoted him in their inaugural speeches, his quotes are still documented globally and his presence in the form of statues and his belongings in the museums are found all over the world. Such a great leader is born once in a lifetime but his principles and teachings remain forever.

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