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The Necessity to Redesign the Current Educational System

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At the forefront of the new millennium, the current educational system is in great need of redesign. It stifles independent-analytical-critical thinking while suffocating the spirit of adventure and creativity, which is the first light we witness and depend on for nutrition when stepping forth from the cave. The educational system is to instill in the learners innovation and a ‘Yes we can’ attitude.

Nowadays, ‘Amazon’ is not only a river; ‘Google’ is not a spelling mistake. Additionally, education is not a matter of government and has nothing to do with politics or economic systems. It is a matter of an individual’s intelligence to persistently apply her or his will appropriately and morally with pure intention. A person may acquire degrees and be mechanically efficient without being intelligent. Intelligence is not mere information. It is not derived from books, nor does it consist in clever self-defensive responses and aggressive assertions.

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We are living in a rapidly changing world where technology is replacing certain jobs and rendering more people jobless. Nations can only improve and progress if education is allocated the highest priority in both short-term and strategic planning. Countries have to prepare a larger number of highly qualified graduates in order to keep pace and stay aligned with the advancements of the twenty-first century. High quality education should not be only accessible by the rich elite people. Raising educational standards should be realistic and measurable.

One of the main challenges that hinder and threaten the quality of education is the shortage of teachers. The best graduates from top universities and competitive colleges are opting to pursue careers in fields other than education. Moreover, it is found out that many teachers come from the bottom third of the class and they are below average in basic language and mathematics literacy skills. As the number of schools becomes larger, the challenge becomes compounded due to the severe lack in human resources and staffing.

In our search for knowledge, in our acquisitive desires, we are losing love, blunt the feeling of beauty, the sensitivity to cruelty; becoming more and more specialized and less and less integrated. Education must provide an open-nourishing environment that invites constructive dialogue, as well as, presents subject matter, which will challenge students to become integrated individuals by examining the part in relation to the complete functionality of the whole. A human is not a noun but an action verb. Our present materialistic civilization has divided life into so many departments that education has very little meaning, except in learning a particular technique or profession.


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