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The Need to Find a Habitable Space For Humanity

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The exploration of the moon and the other planets should be considered by the United States. The reason has to do with finding new habitable place for us humans for the near future, and raw materials. One of the main reasons is to find a habitable space, due to global warming, nuclear proliferation and bio-engineered germ warfare. There could be a extinction cycle which would leave us dead, just like the dinosaur. Technology has been evolving every single day, which can push us to explore more outside of Earth.

A company founded by Elon Musk SpaceX has already been trying to figure out ways to travel to Mars. With the discovery of frozen water beneath the surface of Mars, it pushes us to colonize Mars. SpaceX is building a reusable system known as the Big Falcon Rocket which will lower the cost of launching a rocket out to space. The rocket is 348-foot-tall which has two parts, a 191-foot-tall reusable rocket booster and a 157-foot-tall reusable spaceship. The spaceship is designed to carry 100 people or 140,000 lbs into low-Earth orbit.

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In Musk’s presentation the rocket could be refilled while in orbit, then it could go along to its destination. SpaceX plans to have its first mission to Mars in the year 2022 and 2024. The trip in 2022 is to drop off equipment made to harvest water and carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into methane using solar energy. In 2024 crew of astronaut would be sent out to Mars. With the earth resources becoming scarce, it make sense for us to go out into space to find raw materials.

Asteroid mining could be the new way of how we get our resources. Asteroids can contain everything from water to nickel and cobalt or even valuable metals like gold or platinum. Mining technologies which are used on Earth could be used to extract materials, depending on the specific requirements needed. Water could be extracted through heating materials and then distilling the water vapor. Asteroids mining could be happening in the next 10-20 years. Mining the moon can also be a possibility with its valuable raw materials which can be used for energy and engineering both on Earth and in space. The moon has Helium-3 which could potentially power nuclear fusion reactors on Earth without creating radioactive waste. Contain rare earth metals, the fifteen lanthanides, scandium, and yttrium which are used to produce most of our electronics.

The role that physics play in this is, the force of gravity is the same force which keeps the Earth and other planets in orbit around the sun. Physics is needed to build rockets, involves the use of Newton’s third law. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When the rocket obtain thrust, it experience acceleration. The backward push of the thrust exert a push in the opposite direction which causes the rocket to fly up into the air.


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