The Need to Prohibit Legislation of Begging for Money

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Legislation on socio-economic issues involves begging, poverty, homeless people, education, health care etc. and people face these problems because of earning less or unemployment in the country. As this also affects their living standard and usually begging is done in public sector as in public sectorpay is less as compared to private sector.

Beggars beg for money and food. They are found in streets of Pakistan usually outside mosque and restaurant. And it is said that 80 percent of them are homeless. And their greed is greater than there need,that means even if their needs are fulfilled, they will still beg for more money and the extra money they earn is used for their alcohol and drugs.Beggars usually have an upsetting family background or they’ve experienced some kind of violence or harassment in public and rejection from labor market. Most of the time beggars are participating in serious crimes as well.

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The reason why I chose this topic is because few weeks back I went to Mohammad Ali kfc branch and there I found a beggar sitting in front of the restaurant and I was consistently watching him and noting him and within one hour, and I saw ten to fifteen people came to him and helped him financially in the range of 10-50rs. Within that period, he earned 200-250rs. Moreover, when I was done with my food and came outside the restaurant, he was counting the money andhis earning for the day was approximately between 1500-2000rs. And that beggar had no disability in his body he was perfectly able to work still people choseto help him and then I realized it’s the easiest way to earn money and he can earn more than an employee who is working in a supermarket whole day.

Moreover,beggars are helpless people, their basic needs which are essential for living a life are not fulfilled and to fulfill that need they beg and ask for help from people. These needs include clothes, shelter and food as these things are the essentials for living a life for every person.

However, these beggars don’t have to do any work and they get money just by asking people which is an easier way to earn money. And when they get to know that they can earn without working then they will always beg rather than doing work and it is said that a person who starts to beg will always beg then and due to begging the person becomes greedy for money and keeps on begging and greed is not better for the society.

Secondly, Pakistan is a developing country and the population of Pakistan is increasing day by day thus this causes a failure to get the job. However, it results in unemployment and its necessary for every person to earn so that they can feed their family and don’t have to beg.

These beggars lower the reputation of the country and they also ruin the image of the country as when the tourists visit our country, they see beggars everywhere in the street begging and beggars also ask money from them this way these beggars ruin the image of our country.

Some people believe beggars don’t cause any harm to the country. As they are asking other people to help who are capable and have that much earning that they can help the beggars.

They are harming the society as beggars who have no disability in their body are not helpless, helpless beggars are those who are deaf, blind, cannot walk they deserve to do begging rather than those who are able to work but those beggars who can walk, talk and see are begging as their earning for living a life which eventually stops them to search for a job and focus more on begging only

Furthermore, according to Haroon. F, street begging, February 10th 2011, he stated that there is a big problem in Pakistan known as street begging. The reason behind this poverty is many people sell off their children, commit suicide, or force their children for begging instead of educating them. According to survey majority people live under poverty line that means they earn less than Rs 4000 per month which makes their life very difficult to live. Moreover, street beggars earn more than this. Begging is considered easier as compared to doing a job, that’s the reason you see fit young individual begging on the street. Young people which includes women and children too are hired and trained by industry known as mafia. And beggars give a portion of their earning to the mafia. Moreover, in this article he also mentioned that beggars are burden on the society as some of them are helpless but mostly are not. And government should take some action against it to eliminate this begging system by introducing schemes and training session and take serious action against this mafia who are hiring them and bringing them to the street. And he also said that zakat should be given to the person who deserves and need it and to those who are disabled and cannot work and other people who are fit enough should be provided with jobs.

According to Dell. N, five facts about human trafficking in Pakistan, march 16th 2019, and it is said that Pakistan government does not fully accommodate the minimal requirement that can eliminate human trafficking but they are still making efforts to solve this issue. Moreover, the reason why it fails to meet the requirement is due to the corrupt officers in the government and the government does not even investigate in the issues where officials are involved. Second fact the largest human trafficking problem is bounded labor, as their debt increases every time it causes difficulty in fulfilling that debt. They also force their children to beg as most of the times children get sympathy by their innocence and this way the children earn more money. Another fact is currently in Pakistan, 3 million 1 lac and eighty-six thousand people are living in slavery which means seventeen out of every one-thousand people live under slavery while seventy-four out of every hundred people are liable to slavery. Another fact is sufferers of human trafficking and smuggled migrants are usually children and for this US department suggested Pakistan to take actions on this and to criminalize all the actions of human trafficking and make human trafficking a crime, and if Pakistan successfully does this, it will result in country meeting the standards for human trafficking.

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