The Need to Save Water with the Issue of Water Scarcity

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In this world a Human beings needs certain things to live their life they are, Food, Water, Shelter… These are the three things to live in this world in the above mentioned things one thing is missing also it will definitely cost the Human Being. At today’s situation Water is scarcity in many States the more Scarcity State is ‘Tamil Nadu’ is my State. In my state the Water scarcity is more than the money scarcity. We guys are ready to pay for water and there is no water in the Underground and the Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, etc… Ever where there is a scarcity of water the Government has no idea what to do. Many peoples are dying because of the water scarcity for fetching water in water tanker. This is making sense, On the world Creation the world created the trees, water, Humans, and etc… But now there is no trees and no water at all. The main reason for the scarcity of the water is the Human beings because the humans are destroying the trees and the Rain dosen’t rain at all. There is a change in the global warming and there is a change in the rain cycle. This is because of us.

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By saving a single drop of water you can make a change by consuming a each drop of water. You all will think How a single person will make a change in the State, A single person will tell to his family members and his friends and his neighebours and many new people he mets on the road side who is wasting the water. So the whole Locality will save water by the awarness given by the person. A single person can make a change then a two persons, three persons, four persons, five person, ten people, Hundread people, thousand people, and etc… See the change by the people a Single person can make a change understand.

In our generation itself there is a Scarcity of water and the upcomming future generation, No we can’t imagine like that. Do you want your Childern to suffer from the water scarcity? So please understand the present situation and make use of it. Don’t waste water and plant more trees as you can possible. A each person must plant atleast ten trees per each of them make a note A every single person can change the society life and there life to and the future generation also. So kindly utlise as much as less water as you can and Save water for the future generation.

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