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The Needs Analysis of Student's Opinion on School Curriculum

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Needs analysis is defined as a formal process focus on how a product addresses the needs of a human. In this case we will focus on the importance of a quality early childhood curriculum for preschool aged 5 years old based on the Tyler model of curriculum development. In this model it is important for us to know the sources. The issues and needs from each sources in order for us to plan a quality early childhood curriculum.

We have to remember that students are the main participants that will involve in this planning. It is crucial for us to know their learning style. Although children may be sharing the same program, they investigated learn, and process using a combination of several different approaches and learning styles. The learning styles presented here are not measures of intelligence or descriptions of temperament but rather, they are a way of describing young children’s different approaches to living and learning. Just as adults have unique learning styles made up of relative strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows, arcs and plateaus, so do children. Each student is unique, they have different ways in accepting a lesson. It is better to observe their interest about learning and things that students get attracted to by using different approaches.

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I have found few approaches that is very useful to use from: Two dimensional or three dimensional activities. Two-dimensional activities, such as drawing, writing, and painting, offer children opportunities to experiment with and create symbols. While three dimensional or what we call hands-on activity occupies space defined through the dimensions of height, width and depth. It includes sculpture, installation and performance art, decorative art, and product design. From this activity, we will realise that some may prefer two dimensional or vice versa but it will give students opportunities to express themselves creatively.

Simultaneous or sequential. Both approaches offer children interesting insights and opportunities to learn. Activities where children can express themselves in these ways need to be readily available in early childhood settings. A child excited and ready to approach learning in a simultaneous way may need our guidance (every once in a while) to help him/her slow down, think about a few of the results he/she is hoping for, and make a plan to get where he/she wants to go. Consider encouraging him/her to use language terms such as first, then, next, last, finally. The ability to use language in this way can help her link sequence with spontaneity without totally inhibiting the discovery process.

Connecting or compartmentalizing. Both connecting and compartmentalizing contribute to children’s insights and understanding of the world around them. Ideally, we would all grow to be adept at both, and certainly early childhood is a great time to begin. For innate connectors, links are irresistible. Single facts or notions spawn webs and networks of thoughts and ideas. Through this activity we can see how each student try to connect everything they have seen in their surroundings.

Inventing or reproducing. Children who are prone to invent may need help learning how to categorize. Encourage the reproducer to stretch this learning style by presenting him with potential inventing situations. For instance, offering a bag of materials – cardboard paper rolls, tape, different-sized tin cans, a bunch of feathers, leaves, gold, silver, and black paint – you might say, ‘What could we make from these that could help us if we went into space?’ Both inventing and reproducing take a good deal of reasoning skills. However sometimes children who approach learning opportunities through reproducing need inspiration to connect patterns and draw on their imaginations. Through all this approaches we would be able to identify each of the students learning style and ways to implement each of this approach in the curriculum planning.

Farrant (1980:24) defines curriculum as ‘all that is taught in a school including the time tabled subjects and all those aspects of its life’. If a curriculum is going to be relevant it must respond to the charges in society. Nowadays we need to consider whether what we are going to teach will be useful to the society or not. If a curriculum is going to be relevant it must respond to the changes in society. A society is an organization of people with particular interest or purpose that determines a curriculum to follow (Jere, 2012). We have to look on the issues and trends around us. Identifying things that we are still lacking and need to be improve. Our environment play an important part for this

As for subject matter, it is important for the knowledge and information to be reviewed before it going to be teach. Materials used also need to be look into for each subject whether it is developmentally appropriate and suitable for the 5 years old student. For instance, we use National Preschool Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment Document where it has been developed based on developmentally appropriate practices and child development theories. The contents of the document encompass six strands namely Communication, Spirituality, Attitudes and Values, Humanity, Physical Development and Aesthetics, Science and Technology and Personal Competence. On the other hand, we also could look into other standard from subject matter expert. For example, the PERMATA curriculum. We could see what are the scope and sequence that they emphasize for this age and can make a comparison so that we can make it as a reference for our own curriculum.


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