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The Needs of War Veterans in the USA. Personal Perspective

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War Versus Civilian Life

The United States Government supplies the Veterans with the things they need to survive. Helping our Veterans should be mandatory. Even though some people believe war Veterans get enough from the Government, others believe they deserve more for their services. Therefore, not only should the Department of Veterans Affairs be reconstructed, also expanded.

Some people believe the Veterans are getting enough of what they need. Perspective one states that the Veterans have what they need to survive and live their lives. Strengths include the Department where they can go and get what they need. Weaknesses are there is more that could be done. It fails to offer information about all of the homeless and starving Veterans. Perspective one persuades us that here is a whole department for the Veterans to get what they need. “Marcus Luttrell started an organization called the Lone Survivor Foundation. It gets some of our wounded warriors out of the hospital and into situations where they can enjoy themselves a little.” (“American Sniper” 370). I disagree with perspective one because I feel that the Veterans should be offered more for their services. The Government may be helping some Veterans, but others are stuck on the streets and without food. Even though they have an apartment for the Veterans to get what they need, they need more and deserve more.

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Others believe there is more the Government could be doing to supply the Veterans with the things they need. Perspective two states that the Government supplies the Veterans with some of the things they need, but there is more to be done to make their transition back to civilian life better. They need jobs, money, and housing and they can not do it on their own. Strengths include that they know there is more that could be done. Weaknesses include that the process to help them all is not moving fast enough. It offers their acknowledgement that there is more to be done for the homeless and starving warriors. There is more perspective two could have said to convince others that the Veterans need more. “I’m not suggesting we give Vets handouts; what people need are hand-ups—a little opportunity and strategic help.” (“American Sniper” 372). I agree that there is more to be done and more offered to them. After all they did put their lives on the line for our safety.

Others believe the Veterans need more of everything. Perspective three states that everything needs to be expanded and more funds should be given. Strengths include their acknowledgement to the fact that the Veterans need more. There is no reason a United States Veteran should be homeless, jobless, or starving. It is extremely argumentative towards the fact that the Veterans do not get enough of what they need. It fails to offer that some Veterans get enough of what they need, while others are left with hardly enough to survive on. The argument is very persuasive towards the Veterans getting what they need to take care of themselves and their families. “We’ve had small groups of servicemen disabled in the war come in and spend time hunting, shooting guns on a range, or just hanging out. The idea is to have a good time.” (“American Sniper” 370). The Government are not the only people that should be caring for our Veterans. We should step in too. I agree with the fact that the entire Department should be expanded and more funds should be given. Our United States Veterans are important enough to get what they deserve and that should be mandatory over everything.

United States Veterans are important to society. They deserve to get the best of the best. They put their lives on the line to keep us safe. No veteran should be homeless or starving. They should be taken care of and given what they need. “There is no reason someone who has fought for their country should be homeless or jobless.” (“American Sniper” 372). The strength of my perspective is that the American Veterans are an important part of our nation and should be treated like they have treated us. They have protected our families and put their lives at risk just for us to live another day. My perspective compares to perspective one by acknowledging that there is in fact a Department for the Veterans. It also compares to perspective two because the Veterans do need more. Lastly, it also compares to perspective three because the entire Department does in fact need to be expanded and more funds should be given out. I believe the Veterans should get the treatment they deserve. The Department of Veterans Affairs is doing a good job, but they could be doing better. They need to expand their resources and give to all what they need to survive. Veterans fight for us and our freedom; therefore, we should should help take care of them and give them what they deserve to survive the rest of their lives on. They deserve it.


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