The New-found Convenience of Ebooks as Opposed to Printed Books

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With the development of digital technology, many physical elements, such as pen and paper, are gradually being replaced by computers and smartphones. But is it really good? Since the creation of ‘electronic readers’ more and more people are turning to the technological side of reading. One major advantage of e-books is portability. With the recent development of e-book readers, you can take an endless amount of books with you on vacation or on the go. Another great advantage of e-books is that they are cheap. Production costs for e-books are ten times lower than for binding paper books. Moreover, a wide range of reading platforms is being created: a mobile application, laptop screen, tablet. You can not be afraid that the whole circulation is bought up – the number of electronic books is unlimited. Finally, e-books are definitely more environmentally friendly. It may seem strange that an electronic device may have a lesser impact on the environment than traditional books, but creating e-books requires less resources than a number of books. While paper can be recycled, paper recycling itself can cause excessive environmental pollution due to sludge.

However, there are some disadvantages of ebooks. Firstly, reading from an electronic device is a bit more difficult for the eyes. Specialized devices somehow solve this problem, but still can not match the printed word on paper. Another thing worth mentioning is that а person will not get strong emotions from the e-book. Flipping book pages, the smell of typographical paper and the cover are already a pleasure. In addition, the paper book is also more reliable. It can be used anywhere, even where there is no electricity, unlike devices for reading electronic books, which need batteries and recharging. Another advantage of prints is that they can be exchanged. The buccrossing movement is spreading around the world. The essence of the movement – bookcrosseurs, after reading the book, leave it in the appointed place and inform the other participants about the location. So the book is transmitted to different people and people share their emotions and impressions with each other.

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Summing up, we can say that the new devices definitely make our life better and more convenient. However, it is the choice of each person to use them or not. Publishers report that e-book sales double every year, but the total number of paper books currently sold is still more than the total number of e-books sold. But trends show us that in subsequent years, e-books will get more customers and will gradually seize the market.

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