The New Generation of Electric Cars

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When we talk about the future, one of the most prominent things that comes to our mind is the new generation of electric cars. People still hesitate when they have to decide between electric cars and regular cars because everyone isn’t aware of all the benefits an electric car provides. Personally I would prefer an EV(electric vehicle) over a regular gas powered vehicle. Seeing all the benefits of an EV and deeming it necessary to conserve the environment a lot of countries are planning to take huge steps like, China (the biggest car market in the world) in 2017 had put out a statement to ban all gasoline powered cars and the UK government wants to put a ban on petrol and diesel sales because of the falling air quality in their region. And buying an electric car even gives you the latest technology advancements that a traditional gas car doesn’t provide.

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Electric cars can help reduce fuel costs and bring down global warming drastically, If majority of the trucks and cars were replaced by EVs we could save 1.5 million barrels of fuel a day. Some people might argue that most of the electricity is created from fossil fuels so in the end the same amount of pollution is caused but that’s not true because when a gas fueled car runs it adds a number of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere which cause global warming. This can be further prevented by using renewable energy to charge the electric vehicles, for example solar energy can be used during the day instead of the electricity from the grid. However regular cars are completely dependent on fossil fuels for its energy which is causing their depletion in the world and so leading to an unceasing increase in the prices of these fuels.

Electric cars also have many financial benefits as compared to regular cars, the cost of electric cars is decreasing every year and they are becoming more and more affordable. Even the life of most electric cars is better because the wear and tear is drastically lesser than regular cars. The overall cost of maintaining an EV is also very low because in an EV there are not many things that can break or may need fixing however a gas car has to be sent for maintenance regularly, the oils have to be changed and there are possibilities of brakes and transmissions failing which lead to an added cost on the customer. The biggest issue an EV customer can face is the changing of the battery but most cars now even provide an 8 year warranty for it which is more than what any non electric car company gives even for it’s engine. Other than this on purchasing an EV you even get a significant rebate or tax credit, in some states EVs come with a 7500$ federal tax credit, the government also provides more tax benefits for installing the home charging gear.

Some electric cars like tesla are also very technologically advanced, a few years ago tesla broke the electric car market by introducing autopilot mode in their cars. Some of their features revolutionized the car industry for ever, these features included auto pilot mode in traffic, the car can even come out the garage or the parking lot and come till your doorstep on its own at the press of a button. Other than that a lot of the other car companies are trying to make their electric cars as eco-friendly and as efficient as possible, the ford focus electric is made up of recycled materials and the padding is made out of bio based materials and the Nissan Leaf’s interior and bodywork are partly made out of green materials such as recycled water bottles, and other plastic waste materials.

Overall electric cars and regular cars have a lot of differences and similarities but still majority of the people don’t opt for an EV in the first instance because they aren’t educated enough on the necessities of electric cars. The electric cars are revolutionizing the industry everyday by bringing new changes and modern technology and they’re changing the way we experience driving.  

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