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“The New Jim Crow” And Discrimination Of African Americans

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Unfair is a very big word when you are referring to The New Jim Crow. Unjust. Inequitable. Or better referred as discrimination. And, discrimination is most commonly used when referring to African Americans. And that can be proven widely by a number of people. Or just think of it as this: What comes to mind when you hear ‘discrimination’? You won’t be judged off of your opinion, but I can almost guarantee that African Americans come to mind. What makes ‘discrimination’ such a common word when put by ‘African American’, makes a connection that is so spread, it is somewhat freakishly surprising, but yet so strong.

During the ending times of slavery, many owners could not let go of what slaves accomplished the most. Produce. Product gave the white man the linen on his back and the wood and brick structure called a house. And product came with an instant when African Americans were brought in to the picture. African Americans were chosen for a reason; we knew how to do what no else could, whether it had been agriculture or sowing. Well, everything besides reading. When the white man learned how product could be sold, it became part of their lifestyle. It was so extended into the culture, it was hard to just let go. To go from living lavish with a low requirement of working, selling and receiving goods, to hitting the handbrake coming from 90 mph. It was not the easiest thing to let go of. As observed by many. Throughout time, the white man, or now more commonly referred as ‘the government’, has switched up game plans from time to time, trying to take back what they had. From Jim Crow Laws to Injustice to Mass Incarceration. Time in and time out, no pressure has been let up, even when it seems to be a little safer, do not under estimate what is going on. And the big fact here is what has really been pulled from the rally. Years and years of riots, loss of the government’s own money, increased incarceration, and most importantly, death.

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Death in America is so big only because it is mainly caused by focus turned to the wrong corner, even when it is most obvious of the mistakes that can take toll. Agreements and support between public companies and private companies effecting the increase of incarceration, funding being ran through for incarceration, trashed outskirts (Normally in active communities), abnormal laws passed against rights, and the list continues on how ‘focused the US government is’. It is said that what a person carries through the children can possibly change the future. What not only have seen through just this, it is most certainly true.


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