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The current world is looking into elimination of ‘land and expand’ form of consulting agencies. The traditional consulting model is facing drastic changes as each firm is going after agencies destined to not only solve problems but also leave the ideas internally. Moreover, the fragility of the bureaucratic structures is impacting modern businesses with huge losses. The sole reason of the prescribed extinction of the consultancy network is the fact that firms are after individuals with special expertise in the required field. The value of mass but unskilled consultants is not just failing respective firms but also making the organizations less competitive.

The ability to provide clients with the necessary, more dynamic, value-driven and flexible engagements acts as the backbone of the modern consultancy model, which Ignata Consultancy strives to provide to its clients. Ignata’s perception of the new consultancy modelThe next-generation is far more production based than team based. The presence of a team with limited skills relative to potential clients’ expectations is what the new model strives to eliminate. With the eradication of body-shopped bench teams, the better a business is position in correspondence to the global pool of talents, which translates into benefits. Maintaining a better position in the next-generation consultancy model defines reaping more benefits compared to the old model. For instance, Pat Lynes argues that a many executives consider alleviating their businesses from the wider business culture, which is associated with attrition and conflict generation.

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The author claims that the consulting methods are characterized with non-responsiveness, rigid, and more importantly, they are ‘quite outdated. ’ Ignata being a consultant agency works on the edge to make sure that clients get the best for every given scenario. The above can be achieved by working collaboratively with clients. The result is commendable since the team created from the collaboration possess the needed qualities in the next-generation model. The derived team has beautifully engineered and on-demand skills; a factor that offer businesses access to a pool of talents, aimed at getting the work done. The next generation model is destined to ensure that firms are relieved the stress of training the consultants, rather the consultants ought to train the team and leave them with skills to run business. The introduction of technological advancements, subject matter expertise, greater speed visibility, supplier rationality, execution focus, and knowledge transfer are the key features influencing the transforming of consultation firms.

According to a survey conducted by the Resources Global Professionals (RGP), the next-generation consultancy model is working to bridge the gap between clients need and what the has been traditionally offered. Ignata focus on tapping on the features traditional model miss to leverage customer satisfaction. Additionally, firms must learn that clients deserve aligned expertise and bright minds directed towards meeting the firms’ vision. Ignata consultancy does understand the gap and strives to gather experts globally, creating bespoke world-class teams aimed to drive results.

The new model fosters a symbolic relationship between the organization served and the company. Recommendations are not the subject of the new mode. Rather, the goals are to help, train, and leave organizations with an item to leverage. Ignata understand the requirements for a modern consultancy firm hence leveraging on experts who are doers. The fact that companies are looking for tailored, agile, and practical consulting support, make it important to have a team of experts rather than commodity players, and high priced brand name (consultancy team). Firms are after collaborative help around specific niches, hence consultancy team without actionable strategies (instructive strategies) is unhelpful.

A consultancy firm must be ready to deliver, rich in talent, and transparent. Benefits of using On-Demand WorkforceThe fact that one-third of firms opt to use on-demand workforce and are satisfied with the deliveries necessitates abolition of traditional methods. A sizeable portion of the market is yet to adopt the next-generation model. Nevertheless, research shows that the output of on-demand workers is high and customer oriented compared to traditional consultancy model. 78% of organizations using on-demand workers claim satisfaction with the talents recruited. However, it is difficult for firms to navigate the on-demand workforce. Various reason that are making it hard for firms to find the right workforce include:

  • High cost
  • Lack of company specific knowledge
  • Difficulty getting the right skill set or person for the job

Regardless of the drawbacks, on-demand workers have the potential to inject fresh thinking that firms that adapt and grow economically. Working with the clients from the get-go enables consultancy firms to understand and find lasting solutions to identified challenges. Ignata stands the chance to maximize the opportunities provide by the next-generation model to understand the vision, needs, and success criteria of clients.

The knowledge is helpful since it ensures ease of determining the team to bring on the table; an approach that forms the firm’s consulting methodology. The next-generation method is unique in that businesses can leverage the journeys where freedom and jobs are coveted as opposed to the security based traditional career path. To sum up, firms ought to understand that ownership of talents of less important compared to access to talents.

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