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The Next Four Years

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Choosing a college to attend can change and affect the next four years of your life, so it is very important to have a plentiful amount of information to be able to make a informed decision. As a junior in highschool I have had a lot of time to contemplate colleges and have narrowed it down to UT and Baylor. When deciding between UT and Baylor some things to consider are location, size, price, and acceptance requirements. These colleges both offer many great qualities, which makes the decision even harder. The main factors of UT are that it is located in Austin, has lots of students, is less expensive, and is harder to get into. Austin is a large city and is the capital of Texas. This means there is a lot of rich history and culture there, but it is over an hour drive from Temple.

Although the campus is only 437 acres, there is an estimated large 40,492 students enrolled in UT Austin. Since UT is a public/state university, it is a cheaper option. It is only $25,440 annually, but since Austin is such a large and well known city, it can be more expensive to live in because housing is more expensive. It is surprisingly harder to get accepted to even though it is less expensive. The acceptance rate is only 39. 2%. Some other requirements are having a GPA of at least 3. 75 and a SAT score of at least 1350. Baylor is quite the opposite of UT in that it has, has less students, is expensive, and is easier to get into. Baylor is located in Waco, which is also a very historical city, but not as large as Austin. Waco still has lots of museums and festivals to keep the city interesting, and is only around 40 minutes from Temple. Since Waco has a smaller population, there is only 14,316 students enrolled at Baylor University. Though it has a smaller number of students, the campus is around 1. 000 acres. Since Baylor is a private school it is much more expensive than many other schools. It is an estimated $60,233 annually.

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Even though it is very expensive it is still has a higher acceptance rate of 43. 7%. The GPA required to be accepted is 3. 64, and the required SAT score is at least 1290. Both UT and Baylor are good schools, and have lots of factors to consider when choosing between the two like where the school is at in relation to your family, how many students go there, the amount of quality education you receive for the price, and the scores you must have to be accepted. Some of these characteristics make the decision easier, while some make it more difficult because they have many similarities and differences. Some of the factors may affect your future and may have more effect on your decision, which can also make it more difficult to compare the two colleges. I will be using all of these characteristics when making the decision of what university to attend.


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