The Night is a Memoir by Elie Wiesel

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During the holocaust there were 40,000 concentration camps, prisons and facialies that held Jews and other Non- Aryan peoples.The book Night is a memoir by Elie Wiesel about his times during the holocaust. He starts with the beginning of war, the denial all through traveling to different concentrations camps, watching friends and family die, until the resistance took charge of the camp. From the ghetto to the concentrations camps to the end, the most important thing to Elie was his father.Family and friends is the most important thing to most people, in the holocaust staying with your family and friends helped make sense of your surroundings. Elie, his family and friends were put on a train to entrer Birkenau 1944.

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When Elie was only 14 he was forced into a ghetto and then into concentration camps for about 3 years, he never saw his mother or sisters ever again. As elie and his father enter Birkenau, Eliez is separated from his mother and sisters his only thought is not to be separated from his father as well. ¨My hand tightened its grip on my father. All I could think was not to lose him. Not to remain alone.In a USA Today interview Leon Malmed a holocaust survivor, whose parents died in Auschwitz recalls being separated from his family in the holocaust. French police came knocking at his door and arrested his parents, who he never saw again. His christian neighbors decided to take him in while his parents were gone. With the recent events of separating families at the border in the USA, Malmad says ¨Being separated from your parents is a horrible feeling” ¨It stays with you and lingers with you and you never have closure¨. It was extremely important to Jews and other Non-Aryans to stay with family and friends in concentration camps.

After being in Birkenau and Auschwitz the Jews and other non aryans were forced to run over 20 kilometers in the snow. After the march to Gleiwitz Elie sees rabbi eliahou looking for his son, elie thinks of how his son was trying to leave him to release himself of the burdened his father was¨[Rabbi Eliahou’s son] had felt that his father was growing weak, he had believed that the end was near and had sought this separation in order to get rid of the burden, to free himself from an encumbrance which could lessen his own chances of survival.I had done well to forget that. And I was glad that Rabbi Eliahou should continue to look for his beloved son.And, in spite of myself, a prayer rose in my heart, to that God in whom I no longer believed.My God, Lord of the Universe, give me strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahou’s son has done.” Nathan Leipceiger talks about being liberated from Auschwitz. “MY father and I gathered our strength and surged forward, pulling each other as we went”. I think this is very similar to what Elie believes in Night, as he promises to never do what Rabbi Eliahou's son did to him. In the holocaust and world war 2 there were over 18 million victims , all of which at some point or another had some sort of family.

After arriving in Buchenwald Mr.Wiesel became extremely ill with Dysentery.Elie's father is dying and the blockaste is giving Elie advice.¨¨Listen to me, kid. Don't forget that you are in a concentration camp. In this camp it's every man for himself, and you cannot think of others. Not even your father. In this place, there is no such thing as father, brother, friend. Each of us lives and dies alone. Let me give you good advice: stop giving your ration of bread and soup to your father, you cannot help him anymore. And you are hurting yourself, In fact you should be getting his rations. Robert E. Kennedy watched hours of families be separated saying “I continued to resist seeing in myself the possibility of any contact with such evil” .Even 80 years after the holocaust people are still being separated from their families, constantly. Family and friends are important in not only the holocaust or concentration camps as we see in the book but in everyday life as well.

In short, family and friends were one of the most important thing to people in the holocaust, and everyday life now. We see that throughout the book Night Elie and his family get separated,we see other families turn against each other, and we see other people encouraging people like Elie to turn on his dad. Elie and his father stay together until the end, through thick and thin they are always there for each other, until Mr.Wiesel passes away. If you see someone being bullied or even just sitting alone, go up to them and offer them some support. You never know what someone is struggling with internally, so just be kind. 

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