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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • There are many functions of Websites, in general websites has functions as follows:
  • The Challenge
  • Approach/strategy Adopted By Ryanair
  • AT Internet’s Analyzer NX
  • Conclusion


In this modern era, people and internet are cannot be separated. Internet is the most abundant source of information to find the information needed. Internet is a term for a set of networks computers that connect sites, such as, academic, government, commercial, organizational, and individuals. Internet provides access to telecommunication services and information resources for millions of users throughout the world. The internet services currently available are direct communication (email, chat), discussion (Usenet News, email, mailing list), distributed information resources (World Wide Web, Gopher), remote logins and file traffic (Telnet, FTP), and various other services.

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The network that forms the internet works based on a set of protocols standards used to connect computer networks and address traffic in the network. This protocol sets the permitted data format, error handling (error handling), message traffic, and communication standards others. The standard protocol on the internet is known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). This protocol has the ability to work above all types of computers, without being affected by hardware differences and the operating system used. A connected computer system directly to the network has a domain name and IP (Internet Protocol) address in numerical form with a specific format as an identifier. Internet too has a gateway to networks and other protocol-based services.

The number of internet users around the world is increasing dramatically. According to the latest data released by We Are Social as of August 2017, the number of global internet users now is 3.8 billion which is 51 percent of the total population in the world. This increase was also claimed to rise 0.2 percent since April 2017. Every people that has internet also can access websites to gather informations swiftly and easier. Website can be interpreted as a group of pages that shows informations, such as, text data, image data, animation data, sound, video, and/or combination from all of them, both static and dynamic which form a series of interrelated buildings, each of which is linked to page networks (hyperlink). The way the web works is as follows:

  1. Web information is stored in documents in the form of pages or web pages.
  2. The web page is stored on a web server computer.
  3. While on the user side there is a computer that acts as a client computer where a program is placed to read web pages that are on a web server (browser).
  4. The browser reads web pages that are on the web server.

There are many functions of Websites, in general websites has functions as follows:

Communication function. Websites that have communication functions in general are dynamic websites. Because it is made using web programming (server side), it is equipped with facilities that provide communication functions, such as web mail, contact forms, chat forms, and others.

Information function. Websites that have information functions generally emphasize the quality of the content, because the purpose of the site is to convey the contents. This site should contain text and graphics that can be downloaded quickly. Restrictions on the use of animated images and moving elements such as shockwave and java are believed to be the right steps, replaced by facilities that provide information functions such as news, company profiles, libraries, references, etc.

Entertainment function. The website can also have entertainment / entertainment functions. If our website functions as a means of entertainment, the use of animated images and moving elements can improve the quality of the design presentation, although it still has to consider the download speed. Some facilities that provide entertainment functions are online games, online movies, online music, and so on.

Transaction function. Websites can be used as a means of business transactions, whether goods, services, or others. This website connects certain companies, consumers and communities through electronic transactions. The payment can use a credit card, transfer, or by paying directly.

We have access to many free tools that we can use to ensure our web decisions, from tactical to strategic, are informed by data. The decision can range from what content to do on the page, to how to buy the right set of keywords for our search marketing campaign, to how to find an audience with the perfect demographic and psychographic profile for our business, to how to please visitors. when they enter our website. All of those actions could be done by using web analytics.

Web analytics are technologies and methods for the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of websites and data on the use of web applications. Web analytics has developed since the development of the World Wide Web. This has evolved from the simple function of logging HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) traffic to a more comprehensive set of tracking, analysis and reporting data usage. The web analytics and market industry is also growing rapidly with a large number of tools, platforms, jobs, and businesses.

The objective of web analytics is to improve the experience of online customers while helping a company to achieve its results; it is not a technology to produce reports and spill data. Web analytics is a virtuous cycle that should never start with data collection; collecting data is a means to an end. These are asimple process that might work for us:

  1. Start with a clear defi nition of business goals.
  2. Build a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track goal achievement.
  3. Collect accurate and complete data.
  4. Analyze data to extract insights.
  5. Test alternatives based on assumptions learned from data analysis.
  6. Implement insights based on either data analysis or website testing.

To help you improve your own key performance indicators (KPIs), such as Ecommerce transactions, lead submissions, or content engagement.II. Discussion of Ryanair Web Analytics Case Study Ryanair is the largest low fares carrier in Europe. Ryanair operates more than 1,500 flights per day with more than 1200 low fare routes 160 destinations across 27 countries. Ryanair operates 262 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft and they order another 49 new aircraft which will be delivered next year. Ryanair currently has more than 8,000 employee and peojected to carry approximately 73.5 million passengers in the current fiscal year. Ryanair is one of the Europe’s leading and largest aviation businesses with more revolutionized B2C (Business to Customer) aircraft model industry. Ryanair is focused to be the lowest fares in the market with an on-time flights, that will make the customer satisfied and also make the competitor harder to compete with them.

Most of the ticket bookings are made via its website making it as the most important marketing tool in the company. Other than handle bookings, the website also accommodation, car hire, airport parking and other services from its partner network. Ryanair used web analytics in their website but the information acquired using web analysis was hardly accessible. As a result Ryanair was cannot interpret the data properly. Ryanair’s solution was to partner with a provider to make the web analytics easily accessible and help them to obtain their online targets.

The Challenge

Websites nowadays become important to generate a business in an organization. Website does not always only provide information about a company but also as a platform for advertising, communicate with customer, showing different kind of offers etc. Ryanair was in a situation where they need to manage their website efficiently to improve their business. Web Analytics solution in Ryanair did not work well because the information was difficult to access and they were looking for a solution partner instead of provider. Because the global economic environment has depressed consumer spending, the low-cost aviation market has experienced price erosion, making the conversion of visitor traffic a higher priority. In order to make improvements company have to be able to measure and analyze current results effectively.

Ryanair selected AT Internet as a partner to their Web Analytics environment. AT Internet is one of the top solution provider for web and mobile analytics. They have branches in more than 9 countries. AT Internet is a pioneer with an approach in data customer centric and data integrity. AT Internet is a leading has helped many organizations to improve their business effectiveness and marketing intelligence. Ryanair collaborated with AT Internet to manage their online system which helped Ryanair to manage their online intelligence and increase the conversion rate even though the global economic environment affecting the customer spending abilities negatively.

Ryanair has two main objectives by using web analytics in a partnerhip with AT Internet. First, they want to redesign their website homepage in order to obtain morecustomer. Second, they want to increase the customer to visit Ryanair’s partner pages by using AT Internet Products Analyzer NX and Data Explorer. Ryanair also has other business objectives as follows: Be able to access the information from web analytics efficiently, be able to improve the visitor traffic conversion rate, be able to redesign their website homepage to increase visitortraffic, and be able to improve visitor traffic to their partner pages.

Approach/strategy Adopted By Ryanair

Ryanair deeper their knowladge of its online market and they end up selecting two of AT Internet products, which are Data Explorer and Analyzer NX. They could track the visitors pattern, bounce rate, and they also know the locations where the visitors is spending more time. They finally redesign their website homepage after gather the informations needed. By using analytical solutions, Ryanair raised an email marketing campaign. They also focus on the conversion funnel to identify the point where people come out or enter the site mostly or regularly. So, they developed the same strategy with adding several additional feature pages and user-friendly interfaces so they can obtain more traffic and make the entire website process very simple from searching flights to bookings.

The Web Analytics solution at Ryanair offers all the features necessary to do an advanced analysis to help improve company performance in real time on social networks, applications, Intranets and the web, etc., by integrating specific business modules: e-Commerce tracking, multichannel campaign analysis, performance monitoring, rich media tracking, dashboards, data management (data import / export), etc. Their web analytics tools that are easy and fast to implement and their complete and flexible platform will enable one to measure, compile, cross and classify online data which gives you the agility needed to extract decision-making information that is very important for your company. competitiveness.

AT Internet’s Analyzer NX

Analyzer NX was released in April 2009, it is a successor to Analyzer II. This web analytics tool provided improved user experience (UX) also a more user-friendly interface with a detailed dashboards. In October 2012, Analyzer NX was replaced by Analyzer III.Data ExplorerData Explorer is a data exploration tool. The Data Explorer III is equipped with two workspaces (Data Query and Custom Metrics) which make it possible to adjust metrics, cross web analytics data and export data to create a made-to-measure web analytics dashboard report.

High-performance web analytics segmentation: quickly create segments for all metrics at all levels of analysis, response times of less than one minute for traffic volumes of more than one billion pages, and apply segments to real-time traffic, and analyze cohort to evaluate visitor engagement .

A la carte Custom Metrics: create custom metrics, combine them, and combine them with segments. Adjust metrics to meet your needs regardless of your business and activity sectors.

Data exports with Data Query : an interface to organize and organize data to create special exports in different formats (CSV, Excel, XML, API) and web analytics dashboards that can be updated in real time.

There are three key benefit for Ryanair as follows; Visitor segmentation: target and analyze changes in behavior of Internet users from one period to the next and any other items from website or mobile, Unparralleled levels of customization: create custom metrics tailored to your KPI, current business requirements, and business needs., Create a report that is made to be measured, which can be updated in Excel in real time, thanks to an advanced data modeling tool. Other than the three key benefits, the web analytics solutions help Ryanair to improve strategic decision-making, increase revenue from website, increase the website visitors, increase conversion rates, and increase the revenue from email campaigns.

To bring changes to the website, it is very important to understand the requirements first and formulate a strategy to measure the results achieved. Ryanair uses AT Internet Data Explorer and Data Analyzer which helps them understand their online marketing performance. Following are the strategies applied by Ryanair to achieve their goals:

There are many sources of traffic generation for a website. They can also monitor where their visitor traffic comes from, the IP address of the visitors, the browser they use, the total time they stay on the website and their actions in sequence with the time stamp. To do this, we need their information such as where they come from (countries, referring sites, search engines), what Operating Systems they use), why do they come (keywords), what are the pages enter, exit page, how long it will take to load the page, the link used to enter the website.

Data generated using email campaigns are analyzed and cross-checked with the financial system to get complete details about the data and revenue generated. Many websites rely on advertising to earn income. Thanks to web statistical analysis, websites have the potential to increase revenue by providing these statistical data to prospective advertisers. Not only is the high number of visitors allowing website administrators to charge more for advertising, statistics that show that a high percentage of visitors come from a particular geographical area is attractive to businesses from that area who want to advertise.

Search Engine Optimization. After relaunching, Ryanair falls on the Google search engine results page because the old webpage was not transferred correctly. For example, Ryanair does not appear on the results page for ‘Flight to Poland’ which is a popular and important route.

Ryanair uses Web Analytics to learn about the movement of visitors on their website. Details such as how visitors enter the website, where they leave the website, identify the main locations on the website etc. Flight price are now displayed including taxes and while there are still a number of other ‘optional additions’ on the way to making reservations, it is easy to move past them without incurring unintentional costs. Rynair has worked with the Health and Safety Authority and the National Transportation Agency on UX (user experience) from their website to ensure potential and existing customers can access the information they need or complete tasks quickly and easily.

Analyzing conversion funnels is very important for websites. As a result, Ryanair can improve their visitor experience which in turn helps increase traffic to their website as well as to additional partner websites.

With web analytics, we know how long our visitors live on site, who they are and where they come from. We can improve, simplify or reshape site navigation to help our visitors better, and improve their overall browsing experience. The way visitors use website speaks volumes about the quality of the content and how easy it is to navigate. Steps such as simplifying online application forms or installing faster payment software will mean that our web visitors will spend less time on site but will give you higher conversions because they are more likely to complete the process.

ROI in web analytics. Web analysis can and must play a major role in calculating profits. Web analysis plays an important role in measuring the contribution made by web investment to the overall profits of the company. The more Web Analysis plays an important role in establishing any ROI evaluation of a company’s online marketing, the more we can evaluate web analysis with its own ROI.


Web Analytics help Ryanair to understand visiting behavior and optimize the use of available information, the Ryanair clickthrough rate increases by 200% and the bounce rate decreases by 18% at the same time. By providing insight into who, what, when, why, and how website traffic and visitor behavior, web analytics tools can help us increase sales and increase our site’s usefulness. Because web analytics technology has several limitations and most organizations sell products and generate sales prospects through offline channels, web analytics may not be an ROI measurement system. Although analyzing Web statistics can be fast if you are familiar with how to interpret data, the process takes time for someone who is new to analytics.

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