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The Obvious Dangers and Risks Behind Nuclear Energy

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During this time we are going through an environmental awareness phase. This also brings the question do we actually need more nuclear power plants or not? There are a lot of positives and a lot of negatives but are the positives worth the risk to take. I think not. We need to cut down on our nuclear energy usage. I will provide evidence as to why it’s not a viable way of energy.

The very first reason is the environmental effects it has. According to the it says “A typical nuclear power plant generates about 20 metric tons of used nuclear fuel per year. The problem is that this spent fuel is highly radioactive and dangerous.” This means that the bi product of nuclear energy is nuclear waste. You can’t just throw it away in the garbage can and wait until trash day. This takes hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose and lose its radioactivity. Even to properly “dispose” of the waste its a costly procedure.

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The second reason as to why it’s not a good thing is the threat it will pose. The article at explains “Most people who hear the word “nuclear” immediately think of the nuclear bomb and Hiroshima. While nuclear power generation is certainly different from weapons of mass destruction, it represents a threat to national security if exposed to dangerous people.” In these times the U.S has made some people unhappy. The fact is that politics also plays a big roll. If we increased the amount of nuclear plants in the U.S to 1 plant per state you are looking at a monumental disaster waiting to happen if one gets attacked or has a meltdown. If one plant in chernobyl melted down and the air is still unsafe 33 years later imagine 50 of them going off.

The third reason as to why nuclear energy is not good is it’s not a renewable resource. Also says “Contrary to popular belief, Uranium is in limited (although currently abundant) supply. While not a fossil fuel, we still run the risk of running out eventually.” This means that even if we do manage to get more nuclear plants we will eventually deplete all resources. It would be a quick depletion due to high demand all over the U.S and the rest of the world.

People who are pro nuclear plants tend to say it will produce a higher power output (high voltage). “One of the most appealing reasons for nuclear energy is it’s incredibly high fuel to power output ratio. It has the capacity to meet city and industrial needs with just one reactor, let alone multiple.” This quote I agree it does have it’s benefits. Furthermore the more power increase the less stable it is. According to its states “A radioactive atom will attempt to reach stability by ejecting nucleons (protons or neutrons), as well as other particles, or by releasing energy in other forms.” Therefore this shows they are less stable. Less stable atoms are extremely dangerous. They can lead to atomic bombs. You will also loose grid stability. This is when you have power fluctuations. This can lead to burning out appliances and everything that is on the cloud may get wiped out so all information gone this will literally kill the U.S from the inside out.


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