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Tomas Guerrero Mr. Epstien English Honors II August 10, 2018 The One and Only Book Imagining saving one and only one book from being destroyed, which book would it be? Why would I save this book? Why did I choose this book? There is just so much to talk about! Here in these following and upcoming statements, I will be providing the information to those unanswered questions. I personally would have to save the Fiction book with the name of “The Hunger games” A reason to why I would save it is to do the title itself, sure does give a good sense of imagery just by the text in front of the book. If you have seen the movie you get a much greater idea of what the book is about very much similar nearly identical.

One of my other reasons why I myself would save it is due to my mentality. The book is about people in poverty and has very to a little amount of money and food. And each year there are a group of leaders that host a death game called “Hunger Games”. They have a random amount of names, the board anonymously selects tributes to partake place in this death game which they must survive in the wild and fight to their death. I feel like one day if the world continues the way it is now something Guerrero 2 similar would happen to us. It can be a year, 10 years, 100, maybe even 1,000 years but our world is not perfect and will eventually have a crisis. There are many great messages from this book. The world would really be missing out on so much. For example how life itself is at that time. If you really think about it there is not much of a difference between our world and theirs. They have the rich and poor so do we. There are people in starvation and very low income just as we do.

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Then again we have the wealthy in this world just like them. So if I was able to save this book I would love for the world to read this so it can open their eyes and let them see how messed up our world is. For them to finally see reality. Every book carries a message, some very different than others. But the author always has a purpose in their form of writing and wording. Here in this book Katniss which is Prim’s older sister took a stand for her sister when Prim got selected to partake in the Hunger Games, “ ‘Prim!’ The strangled cry comes out of my throat, and my muscles begin to move again.” Katniss stands up for her sister with pride and worry. No one else but her sister stands up for Prim, not even her own mother. After that part of the passage, Katniss volunteered as tribute so her sister will not have the be in the so-called “games”. I believe the author/director put that in the book/movie so the world can see in life no everyone is going to stand up for you and if they do that is a good person and you would want them to stick around with you, the only way it can contradict is if that person is a bad influence. That is something the world would miss out on this book. Katniss is very stubborn and has a serious attend which could not have trusted anyone not even the male that was selected from Guerrero 3 the same district as her who was named Peter.

Another reason why the world would miss out on this is that during the hard times you need to learn how to be tuff and strong on your mind whether it’s mentally or physically. People in this world will need to eventually toughen up in case of any issue that comes their way. So the rich, powerful, leaders have selected Katniss and Petter as tributes from district 12. They transport them to another city where all the rich live. There are 11 other districts and are participating in the hunger games which means they will also be there for training. All were aware of that, some wear scared, frightened, nervous, but others were happy, feel free. That goes to show that even in the worst circumstances everyone feels and thinks different even though he or she knows the right from wrong that is another key point in this book. As time passes and they get settled in where they are staying the next more they gave training. The training consist of all types of survival. They will be scored/ranked due to their performances. That night the scores were realized, she had scored the highest out of everyone, and after that day no one but petter saw her as an ali only a rival. Which is some sort of physiological reaction, they know who the best of the best is so they “team up” and try to take her down. Which goes to show the worldwide term “monkey see monkey do” is being defined here in this piece. If we can team up in a negative way we can also team up in a positive way for the greater good. Sooner or later the days of eating, relaxing, training, are all over the time has come for them to fight to their death and survive in the wild. Right at the start, there are weapons and resources.

Guerrero 4 Petter told Katniss not to go for them, but she did not listen. When she went for them so did others. Many were killed, luckily she was not. She got the weapons, resources and left, but when she turned back Petter was gone running. This goes to show a sign of abandonment on both sides, hers and his. As we know Katniss was wanted and currently on her own. She went into the woods looking for water, somewhere to camp out, somewhere safe enough to spend the night. She had found a tree midday but she was compromised climbing up the tree a few people attempted to go up and get her but failed. They camped out under the tree waiting for her to come on down. And oh I forgot to mention Petter was there with them. We now see this book has many twist and turns, ups and downs. Which is referring to life, but also irony. So does that mean our life is made out of irony? Well, it just depends on which way you live your life or how you look at it. The story of this novel gives you such a great form of imagery down the way. It makes you feel as if you are there to experience it all. To be put in their shoes, to know the real meaning behind this all. As coming to a closing this book consists of being able to acknowledge the true meaning behind it all. The author did a tremendous job with writing this novel. Back to the question, if I was able to save a book why? Everyone has a different mentality, one themselves do not exactly know if he or she is right or wrong. But I truly do feel like I am correct about what I have been saying about this book and how I see things throughout the story. The Hunger Games is a great book, it is a great movie. If you have not read the book nor seen the movie I highly suggest you do and keep in mind what I have said. Hopefully, it opens your eyes and as well as others.


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