The Opposite Government Structure of China and Greece: Monarchy Vs Democracy

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Yet another difference between the two civilizations was their government structure. Han China’s style of government was bureaucracy. There have been many ranks of government staff, with the emperor at the highest, however normal individuals had no say within the government. Classical Athens did it otherwise. They created a democracy, that is “rule of the people”. In their government, everybody had a say.

In fact, they were purported to participate within the government and criticized if they didn’t. The shape of the government of every civilization created a huge distinction to its voters, in what quantity power they'd and in whether or not they need to select their leaders and in however they felt regarding their government. Han China and Classical Athens’ governments were completely different. The state of Athens had a variety of government wherever the citizen's votes can choose the political decisions called democracy. The democracy government of Athens was the primary democracy state shaped within the world at the time. The assembly was open to all free males. On the opposite hand, the Han empire had a monarch dominated over them. The name of first emperor of the empire was Liu Bang. The monarchy system works through heir of the emperor. If the emperor passes away his heir can take over the empire then the son of the heir is going to take over as emperor. The third most significant difference is their method of treatments to society, particularly to kids and ladies. In both the Han empire and classical Athens society girls and kids were treated poorly.

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As an example, in Athens girls weren't allowed to be within the council instead that they had to serve their husbands as their master. As for Hans empire, the ladies were to be at service to the boys during a straight manner no senses of humor jokes of something. Kids were treated even worse, they weren’t being thought of as children or their own offspring, perhaps more like merchandise which will be kept or disposed of at will. In Athens, if the kid makes it through the first night, he or she is to be kept from being abandon. Except for the next 10 days are going to be rough as a result of the dad of the kid are going to be inspecting him or her for any deformation, if it's confirmed that the kid is deformed in any, means he or she's going to get abandoned regardless of what will happen to his or her life. The Han empire isn’t any higher. A mother could hand over a toddler at will since she doesn’t understand how long she will be able to live to take care of the kid.

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