The Opposite of Loneliness: Pursuing What You Are Passionate About

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Throughout the reading, Marina is conducting many interviews with students from Yale about the real world. It seems as though everyone has a different opinion on their career choices, and what they will be doing in the following year.

I think Marina found the career choices of her peers shocking because a lot of them were “pursuing jobs in the industry such as financing and consulting” (Keegan, n.d., p. 198). I think she felt as though they were being sucked into jobs that have the day in and day out mentality, and were throwing away the talents they could use for something more fulfilling. In the text Marina states, “of course this is my own opinion, but to me there’s something sad about so many of us entering a line of work in which we’re not (for the most part) producing something, or helping someone, or engaging in something that we’re explicitly passionate about. Even if it’s just for two or three years. That’s a lot of years!” (Keegan, n.d., p. 199). I honestly agree with her, I think we should be pursuing jobs that peek our interests and make us want to get out of bed every morning. As well as be excited about what the day holds for us. I don’t just want to go to work because I have to pay my bills or pay off student debt. I want to be inspired. If that's the type of life I have to live I’m just going to be stuck in a rut, and living for the weekend. What kind of life is that?

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I think some of the choices that Marina would have thought were more appropriate were jobs that give us real-life experiences, and help us see life in a new way (Keegan, n.d., p. 200). She also emphasizes doing things we have on our bucket lists such as “volunteering, watching a musical or eating at a restaurant we have always wanted to” (Keegan, n.d., p. 200).

Personally I agree with her choices, I believe that we should be pursuing the things we are passionate about, and not just getting jobs that everyone says we should have or doing the things that other people think we should do. Should we really be spending our time working for a company everyday that makes us question whether or not we should come in the next day? We should not be working ourselves to the ground for a job that could replace us in a week. I feel like I can really relate to Marina in the text it seems as though she's scared that if everyone just conforms to the jobs of the real world that they can lose sight of what makes them special. If we all just conform to these things we won’t get a taste of what life has to offer and not really live (Keegan, n.d., p. 200).

Personally, I know that I do not want to sell myself short and just get a job that is convenient for me just because it pays the bills. Sometimes I question whether or not it's worth it to work in a job that has long hours, and doing the same thing time and time again. I really want to live my life, experience things life has to offer and make an impact in the lives of others. I want to live each day as if it were my last one. People say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I really hope this to be true.


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