The Optherium Project Created by Optherium Labs to Store Data

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  • Dynamic Biometrics
  • Project Ecosystem
  • Distinctive features of the ecosystem
  • Clients of the platform

The rapid development of the cryptocurrency, observed in recent years, attracted a huge number of its users, from individuals to large corporations. In connection with the decentralized technology of blockage, there was a need for safe storage, exchange and sale of digital assets. Developers present to our attention a project that will solve the existing problems of FinTech corporations through the creation of a decentralized system of registers. The platform will allow users anywhere in the world to store, exchange, sell, buy crypto-currencies and fiat money.

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Today we will review the Optherium project created by Optherium Labs. The project took all the best from existing block solutions. about the project Optherium Labs is a B2B & B2C platform for managing digital assets using Hyperledger B2B sales – business to business – this means that the firm or division of the firm offers its products/services to corporate clients, that is, to other companies. B2C sales – business to customer (business for the customer) – means the goods/service is sold by companies to individuals. The platform is biometric (Biometric data are the physiological and biological characteristics of a person, on the basis of which it is possible to identify his personality) a protected wallet of digital assets.

Dynamic Biometrics

The project ecosystem is built from modules and uses a private multi-distributed block system that is comprehensively protected and allows biometric verification of a large number of currencies. It is characterized by very fast work and the speed of confirmation of money transfers. Transactions require several signatures on the Hyperledger site (it is not a blockchain, but was created by Linux 3 years ago to develop and output a blockchain into the masses). Not only fiz. persons, but also companies can hold digital assets on the platform, as well as carry out quick transactions. The platform is not limited to state grids, transfers can be performed anywhere in the world. The transaction speed reaches 100 thousand per second. The developers of Optherium call it the most modern, protected and unique zhkosistemoy.

The company-developer is in the funds: Linux, Hyperledger and Crypto Valley. The company cares about its prestige in the eyes of customers and managed to get a license to work in the EU. The license gives permission for the conversion of Fiat into crypt and crypt into Fiat. The company also received a license for the implementation of e-wallet services.

Project Ecosystem

The ecosystem of the project is built on the basis of a modular, distributed blockchain network, which makes it possible to create fast transactions and verify them. The site uses tools with the use of multi-safe transactions and dynamic biometrics. The latter confirms the identity of those users who work with different currencies, including crypto-currencies. An additional sphere of application of the created ecosystem will be its application for the needs of trading platforms and information exchange centers, currencies and decentralized organizations. The data is stored in the network platform. Also, developers took care of providing enterprises with the opportunity to create their own developments within the platform. They provided all the tools necessary for this: fast transactions, fast currency exchange and its confirmation, dynamic biometrics, and most importantly the crypto exchange.

Distinctive features of the ecosystem

Dynamic biometric confirmation Services of the provider wallet Service CSC (for customer verification) Biometric key recovery service The e-wallet (dApp), which is necessary for digital assets management, became a useful tool for the B2C platform of the project. Users can not worry about the safety of their assets, they are protected by the latest technology in the field of security.

Clients of the platform

Clients of the platform are FinTech companies, banks, trading platforms and other medium and small businesses. The main factor is a large number of transactions. Multi-currency transactions with the multi-signature Business-to-business site is designed to serve corporate and banking customers who want to apply the products/services of the developer for their work. It is suitable for working with a large number of translations, comparable to exchanges and banks. The application programming interface quickly translates the currency and confirms the transaction with just a few signatures.

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