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The Organizational Factors Causing Stress

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Daftuar and Anjali (1997) explored the “Influence of occupational stress”. On organizational commitment and job involvement and personality of lower and middle level manager working in electrical manufacturing company in western India. Result revealed significant positive correlation between job involvement and several areas of occupational stress, organizational commitment and personality types.

Biswar (1998) studied “the influence of life style stressors – performance, frustration, threat and physical damage on organizational commitment and job involvement of manager, supervisors and workers of large and medium public and private sector organization”. The subjects were asked to complete the demographic information schedule, life style stressors questionnaire, job involvement questionnaire and the perceived organizational questionnaire. The result indicated that the performance, threat and frustration emerged significant predictors of organizational commitment, whereas none of the stressors emerged as predictor of job involvement. The result also indicated that managers scored high on job involvement as compared to the supervisors and workers. The workers showed greater performance stress.

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Kalyanasundaram.P and Thirumali Arasan.M (2001) have focused their study on “The Motivational climate in an industry” Motivational climate builds up or inhibits employee satisfaction and productivity. It is only what is perceived to be the organizational environment. An organization today faces demands for change. It is essential to foster a climate that is congenial. It is necessary to take steps for preservation of employee motivation. A study was made on executives of different ranks considering twelve organizational dimensions and six motives. It was inferred that motivational climate is dominated by the dependency and control motives.

Nicholas J Ashill, et al., (2001) abstract is on the „Job resourcefulness, symptoms of burnout and service recovery performance: an examination of call center frontline executives‟. It deals with the relationship between role stressors and symptoms of burnout by process and its impact on service recovery performance. Call center frontline executives of New Zealand were used to investigate the influence of job resourcefulness, burnout symptoms and service recovery performance. The results of the investigation show that job resourcefulness buffers both the effects of role stressors on symptoms of burnout and the effects of role stressors on frontline executives service recovery performance.

Anup Singh.K, et al., (2002) have made their comments on “Supportive and conflicting Social Net-work and the stress-strain relationship” Study made by the above faculties proved that social support and social undermining are two contrasting aspects of social relationships. Social support is found to be negatively related to stress and strain while social undermining is positively related to stress and strain. The moderating effects of social support is yet vague as it may vary. Its effects of social undermining has no supportive result.

Avinash Kumar Srivastav (2005) has expressed his views on the “Role of Stress Across Management Levels in an Organization”. He highlights the stress encountered by individuals which depends on the levels of management. Statistical analysis revealed Role Erosion as the predominant stress across the three levels of management.


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