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The Origin of European History in the Discovery Channel World Geography

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Video Response: Europe

In 2004, Discovery Channel School released a video titled “World Geography: Europe.” On January 15th, 2016 Youtuber “Coach Lane” posted the aforementioned video titled “Europe’s Geography.” The assumption is that the video will be about the physical aspects of Europe and extremely boring. Surprisingly, Discovery Channel is able to lure the audience in with interesting facts about each country and how it effects Europe as a whole. Major events such as World War II, Anne Frank, the Soviet Union’s impact on Germany, and Napoleon Bonaparte’s revolutionary tactics in French are all subjects that this documentary covers in a way that highlights Europe as a continent, not just individual countries. This video’s attempt to dive into the deeper roots and history of Europe is knowledgeable and successful.. Discovery Channel divides the film into sections, first by the physical geographical features and then by each region. Each country has it’s own bit of history that explains political facts ranging from ancient time periods to the 1900s.

If I were to briefly explain Europe to someone that is interested in the topic, I would start off by saying that European landmarks are highly important to the construct of it’s multitude of cultures. For instance, Europe and Asia occupying the same landmass has made travel and trade possible since the beginnings of civilized culture. Europe and Asia are divided by a mountain range that contributes to the differences in climate, which effects tourism and living environments. These weather differences also account for why the majority of Russia’s population lives in Eastern Europe rather than the Asian hemisphere. Western Europe includes countries such as England, France, Spain, Portugal and even Greece although it is close to the Balkan peninsula. Athens is one of the epicenters of Western Europe’s culture, responsible for the frame of modern day government. I would also include that the combination of countries in a comparably small amount of land has created tension in the past. The two world wars deeply impacted Europe and created division among the countries. These wars and consequential reforms shaped modern-day government. They also created hard times in many countries because of the Great Depression following World War I,. This problem was a result of reliance on trade and the punishments Germany faced after losing the war.

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Reflecting on this video, I can say that I learned a great deal about how Europe’s construct and natural landmarks and oceans, have created one of today’s most popular tourist destinations. That being said, the information being used was a lot in one sitting and could have been condensed for time. Where there were interesting facts such as Switzerland’s involvement in the chocolate industry, there were also times where more important information could have been elaborated on. Personally, I did not know how important French history was to the build of Europe. The video was helpful because of it’s organization and was also easy to follow. There were numerous amounts of elements to the video including Europe as a whole, specific regions, countries, customs, and the state of the economy.


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