The Origin of the Concept of Metaphysics

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Metaphysics mean “beyond the physics” which is no doubt one of the most important pillar of philosophy. It is word that invites a contemplation and awareness of something which is beyond physics. Often people get caught up in the physical world but the world of senses allow that world to dictate what is so. While knowing that there are facts, events and conditions related to our lives and linked with this world; Applying metaphysics to it would not only be to look at those facts and conditions but also to think about those by paying attention to how we are being in a relationship to facts and conditions that happen in our everyday lives. It is the example of somebody who is standing before some challenge in his or her life to get to the place where they can actually find gratitude for the things. As a result, it not only allows them to be safe but also allows them to see things differently according to their way of thinking.

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All of that is born out of the ability to discern or to see life from more than just the physical reality. In metaphysical teachings, a huge part of that is an understanding and belief that there is a power and a presence in this universe. It depends on a person that how he intrepets it. Some call it God, some call it infinite intellengence but its everywhere; It woven itself into every part of creation that of physical and that which is beyond the physical. It’s the air we breathe, it’s the things we see, and it’s the people we interact. In other words, it’s the conditions that woven itself through all of the creation. This is what the metaphysical believe about the Divine. It has made itself through us such that our words, thoughts and ideas are foaming and fashioning our universe. Hence we can say that the conditions we see are all in effect of some metaphysical activity. Let’s simplify in other way.

For instance, I am drinking the coffee and enjoying its taste but somebody had come up with an idea of making coffee from coffee beans. Somoeone had to come up with an idea that was beyond the physical making it to become physical. So I believe that we are taking the non-physical energy and converting it to the physical form by considering the conditions that we are living and the situations we tackle in our everyday lives. In short, we can say that metaphysics means paying as much attention to what is going on in the non-physical aspect of beingness than the physical sometimes.

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